Gran Pregio


The Gran Pregio Oil , produced in Molfetta by the Frantoio Oleario Caputo Ignazio, in recent years has won awards, thanks to its superior quality and its olfactory and gustatory properties of the highest level. Among the prizes and acknowledgments won by Olio Gran Pregio over the last few years we remember:

The varieties of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil




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Extra virgin olive oil Great Value

The land where Olio Gran Pregio was born is north of Bari, in the cradle of centuries-old olive groves and close to the Adriatic Sea. We always strive to obtain oils with high-quality standards.The company is attentive to new processing technologies, which take into account all the processing parameters, allowing to obtain oils with high-quality standards, thanks to which the Gran Pregio Oil has won many national and international awards.

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Our Oil

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Organic Agriculture Gran Pregio comes from a careful selection of the best olives of the Coratina and Peranzana cultivar, collected in family-run agricultural funds, thanks to the experiences handed down from father to son.
 The land where the Gran Pregio Oil is born is north of Bari, in the cradle of centuries-old olive groves close to the Adriatic Sea. Here the fertile soils and the sweet and fragrant sea climate contribute to produce an oil with particular organoleptic properties.
 To the peculiar characteristics of the territory is added an exasperated care in the method of all the processing phases, from pruning the plants to manual harvesting on the trees. The oil thus obtained has an impeccable level of olfactory and gustatory properties, as well as a very high phenolic charge and, therefore, remarkable antioxidant characteristics.

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The stages of production

The exasperated care in the methodology of all stages of processing, from pruning to manual harvesting on the trees, transformation, filtering and packaging contribute to the production of GRAN PREGIO, certified organic and excellent oil.


The harvest of olives intended for pressing is a delicate operation that affects the quality of the oil. The degree of ripeness of the olive, and therefore the choice of the moment of harvest, positively determine the organoleptic characteristics of the oil. The harvested olives are brought to our mill and pressed immediately.


The transformation process is carried out with the latest generation MORI TEM 2-phase continuous cycle system. The transformation process consists of the following stages:

1. Defoliation and olive washing

The defoliation and washing of the olives is a necessary step to avoid the presence of defects in the oil. The passage of branches can cause the woody defect, if green leaves pass they can generate astringency or medicinal bitterness, if dry leaves pass they can generate sensations of dryness. If the olives are not washed well, the soil defect can be noticed.

2. Crushing

It is the most important phase and it is necessary to release the oil contained in the cell vacuoles; a mixture is thus formed consisting of a liquid part (oil and water) and a solid part (stones, peels and pulp). We make use of a knife pressing system and through an appropriate adjustment of the rotation speed we can intervene on the organoleptic properties of our GRAN PREGIO.

3. Kneading

The mixture is mixed in vertical steel tanks, called kneaders, with the aim of favoring the aggregation of oil droplets. Long kneading times and high temperatures (35 ° C) lead to higher quantitative yields but lower quality. For the GRAN PREGIO BIO the kneading takes place at a temperature of about 23 ° C and the duration is less than 15 minutes with the aim of having a high-quality oil.

4. Extraction

The extraction takes place by centrifugation using a two-outlet decanter. The 2-outlet system (oil and wet pomace), compared to the 3-outlet systems (oil, vegetable water, pomace) allows to obtain higher contents in biophenols, pigments and aromas.

5. Filtration

Before being stored in silos in the absence of oxygen, the extracted oil is filtered to ensure greater organoleptic stability and maintain the green color of the oil for longer.