Our Story

Green Gold Mill, located in Um AlTout village in Jenin, was established in early 2020. Most of our olives hail from the Jenin area where the longest distance from the groves is 30 minute drive. This ensures fresh milling and reduces the chance of olive fruit spoilage, ensuring superior taste and quality.

With exceptional quality ingredients, we provide world class niche Palestinian products. This is also represented through our top quality bottle design and packaging; allowing us to compete with premium global products, fit for high-end seller shelves and restaurants.

Palestine's Premium Olive Oil

Green Gold Mill is located in Um AlTout village in Jenin established in early 2020, Most of the olives come from Jenin area which is 37,342 dunams (37.3 km2 or 14.4 sqm), the longest distance from the groves is 30 min away, which means that produced olive oil has specific characteristics and with the same traditions and farmers practices, this brings up this fresh pungent flavor with a fruity touch at the end of the season.