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Hacienda de Colchado

 Hacienda de Colchado AWARDS

 Hacienda de Colchado have won 30 awards; 19 internationals, 4 nationals and 7 awards to the packaging.


Located in the Antequera region(Malaga),it occupies the old farmhouse of the Counts of Colchado, listed as a building of historical and patrimonial importance by the Council of Andalusia. Our work was dedicated to cereal and vines from 1679 until the start of the 19th Century. Then, once a mill was built for grinding olives, olive trees became the main focus of cultivation. Most of the building was built with a baroque air, during the final stages of this style in the 18th Century, with the additions coming in the 19th Century. Currently the estate covers 310 hectares consisting of 220 hectares of old olive trees and the rest of a new plantation. This produces an average of 800,000 to 1,200,000 kg of olives a year.

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Welcome to Hacienda de Colchado

Centuries-old olive trees disappear over the horizon, dominating the scenery at the Hacienda de Colchado estate, where they have been growing olive trees and producing olive oil for more than three generations. Nowadays, it is a modern business which produces extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, under its brand names Legado, Experience and Malaca Vetus.

Passion for EVOO
Hacienda de Colchado is… Passion, tradition, work and effort and respect for the environment.

Hacienda de Colchado