Meet HYPERELEON High Phenolic Olive Oil delivers special benefits, and HYPERELEON is graded as one of the best for your health.

 HYPERELEON delivers up to 10x the phenolic content of other EVOOs, and is proudly produced in Greece with love.


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We extract our olive oil mainly from olive groves of Olympia Variety, cultivated in well-balanced ecosystems, using organic fertilizers, active microorganisms, green manure and crop rotation.

A Trusted Process

We carefully handpick all unripe olives, which are cold-pressed on the same day at a certified award-winning oil mill. We use special procedures without heat or water application that preserve phenolic content.

Award-Winning Recipe

 HYPERELEON is a proud 18 times winner of International Awards. Our specially produced, unfiltered, carefully-stored and packed product, proves not all High Phenolic Olive Oils are equal.

On January 27th, 2021, Doctor Rick Mayfield appeared as a guest on Doctor Ben Weitz’s Rational Wellness Podcast where they discussed olive oil and the benefits of the compounds found within them. Watch the podcast now or read the overview below to find out what was discussed.