The mission and vision of our organic farming project is to seek and maintain a natural balance in all our agricultural practices. We are inspired by Tuscany, a land where the force of nature and human ingenuity have been meeting for thousands of years.

Navigating Earth’s seasons is a complex and fascinating task while keeping product quality as our only lighthouse. We exclusively grow organic products in an effort not to push nature towards intensive and non-sustainable cycles.

We harvest everything with passion and dedication: from our extra virgin olive oil to our apricots and peaches, from our ancient einkorn to our flavory blueberries. 


KALI Organic EVOO IGP Toscano
KALI offers two different flavors of its Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO): a blend and a monovarietal leccino. The former is a blend of four different cultivars: leccino, moraiolo, frantoio, and pendolino. It has a typical flavor of fresh grass while the bitterness is recalling green olives and leaves. The latter is a typical monovarietal leccino with a slight note recalling fresh almonds followed by a peppery note.

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Our EVOO is an organic superior category EVOO obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. It is characterized by a high concentration of polyphenols and it is a PGI – Protected Geographical Indication – EVOO. It is obtained from hand-picked olives, solely grown in Maremma, Tuscany. Finally, it is produced in our high-tech two-phase, refrigerated extraction line within a few hours from harvesting.

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