It all began in the autumn of 1969, when grandfather George Konstas and his wife Stavroula decided to set up an oil refinery superior to the oil refineries already in use at that time. The following year the operating licence was issued and endorsed , and the original KONSTAS Oil Refinery was created as it is to date.

The buildings were designed and constructed within the framework of this model.

The exemplary Olive Oil Refinery KONSTAS is a 2nd generation family business which continues undaunted actively through time,managed by two brothers,the sons of George and Stavroula Konstas,namely Nikos and Makis.

The refinery is equipped with the most modern state-of-the-art machinery ALFA LAVAL, with high grade specifications, bearing in mind the basic principal of excellence of olive producers and respect for their painstaking work so that the desired maximum limit is achieved. In other words olive oil which is high in nutritional value in difficult and dangerous times...

Photo from the opening of the Oil Refinery in 1970:

We have been in the olive oil processing business since 1970.

The aroma and taste of freshly harvested olives has been imprinted in our memories dating back to our childhood. After the welcoming of every autumn we experienced the process of this blessed fruit from its harvest to the extraction stage.
We prune the trees and plough the soil in the traditional manner in order to yield with total deference while respecting the environment and exploitation of the land. Our priority being defined by the stubborn refusal to use pesticides or any chemical aids. Our privately owned olive groves which fundamentally cultivate ATHINAIKI, KLONARA, MEGARITIKI, MANAKI, KORONAIKI, ARBEKINA and PIGUAL varieties, lie between abundant areas of Attiki such as Kalivia, Kouvara and Olympos.
The harvesting of fruit takes place paying particular attention to maintaining the trees intact over time,without undue trauma,while transferring early fruit to our mill for cold extraction processing.
So somewhere between our love of the most precious,oldest tree on the planet came the birth of PROTOGENES appropriately named,defined as primary production,straight from nature and KONSTAS our family name. Utilising our secrets and professional simplicity, two premium oils were born.
From their debut appearance at competitions quality indexes soared and the highest distinctions were undisputedly awarded.
This has made us feel particularly proud,on the other hand it has increased our responsibility. A family promise? To spread the experience of customised oil to every corner of the world.

Extra virgin olive oils of early harvest, absolutely cold pressed and in limited production, from the fruit of our family owned Olive Groves Mesogeia Attiki.