Kouros Of Zeus

We are inspired by our place and its unique gifts. We are moved by the idea of ​​sharing what we enjoy for generations, with every family in the world.



The family of our products

When we talk to each other about our products, we refer to them by names that have always existed in our family, for one simple reason: they are members of this family, they are a continuation of our tradition and they close in every drop of their pride and simple majesty of our place, Laconia.

We talk to the trees of our olive grove, we work with them with respect for their nature, as the people of this particular piece of land have always done. As our Family does, five generations now.

We carefully collect the best that our olives have to give, we pack their precious juice and we offer it to you from the heart, as required by the heritage of Laconia and Greece.

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Our family and the olive tree

The Christakou family and the olive tree have a personal history that counts generations, not years. Our land and our trees have always been our compass and reference point.

The roots from the past that show firmly in the future. The source of life of our unique place, but also ours. Since always.
This tradition did not break even when our family opened in other countries, in other Continents. On the contrary, it became even stronger.
Because, when you have your olive tree and your homeland in your heart and in your DNA, it is a matter of time to listen to their call and catch the thread from where the previous ones left it.
Welcome to our family!

I am Efthymis

For me experience is not a matter of age. It is an experiential memory of generations.
 One should Love for what has come to them to pass it on to the next, better and brighter generation, it is a matter of knowing where you come from.
 And a clear view of where you want to go.
The passion for ever higher, farther, defines you from the first years of your life.
An open mind, like open horizons, leads to the new, the fresh, the special.
 Ideas are born from the aura of the sea, the land in your hand, the stone that supported you.
 From the conversation with the tree. Every tree. After all, the route is always there.
 In U.S. I am Efthymis and these are my products!




Our vision

We believe in the power of the olive, its fruit and its juice.
We are inspired by our place and its unique gifts.
 We offer only what is on our table every day.


Grandma Irene