Les huiles precieuses de Marrakech



The story begins with a very spontaneous encounter. Between an adopted from the plains of Marrakech and an olive grower from a Corse family, the desire to create an exceptional product from a region of unparalleled natural and cultural wealth was born.
Ideas quickly became a reality. Relentlessly, the two enthusiasts went to meet producers, peasants, and owners of the most beautiful olive groves in the Atlas.
Through the discussions and meetings, the identity of the Blue Oil of Marrakech took shape. 


Natural - Healthy - Made in Marrakech

HuileBleue is produced entirely with hand-picked olives. With the ancient methods and know-how, our olive growers know exactly when to start picking. The advantage of a manual picking is to be able to meticulously choose the green olives and to do without any possible injuries to the fruit. Within 24 hours, the olives give birth to an exceptional olive juice.

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Building on this success, the HuileBleue presented itself at the Olio Nuvo Days where it was selected by the Grand Pastry Chef and finalist for the Best Pastry Chef on M6 William Lamagnère.