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From soil to soul Near ancient Messini, a journey from the soil to the soul begins.

with the big heart


It is very easy to be enchanted by its stone architecture, its spectacular view or its countless olive groves that surround it. Theodoropoulos family would not imagine anything else but to name their exquisite olive oil, Lezi.

from generation to generation

In 1947, grandfather Thanasis started his first olive grove in the area of Lampena near Kalamata. Known as Lezi at the time, it was in this enchanting place with stone architecture, spectacular views and countless olive groves where grandfather Thanasis took care of his olive trees with his bare hands and a lot of love and care.

 our tradition

The maintenance and extension of the family’s olive groves were largely achieved by Fotis, the youngest son of the family, when he joined the programme of organic farming becoming one of the first farmers in Messinia to enroll. Today, Thanasis Theodoropoulos who represents the third generation of the family, continues the tradition producing premium extra virgin organic olive oil from over 1,500 olive trees.

Our olive oil "Lezi olive oil", named after the old name of the picturesque village it originates from (the village today is called Lampena), is one of the finest extra virgin organic olive oils produced in Greece. It comes from the koroneiki variety, a legendary variety known for its high quality olive oil yields characterised by low acidity and high polyphenols levels.

The process

Its production follows the cold-pressed method, in which pressure is exerted on the olive fruit to extract the juice without temperature, thus preserving all its valuable nutrients. The result is the production of a superior quality product, with an intense fruity taste, balanced aroma and deep green colour.

The Lezi Collection

The simple design of this small square bottle combined with the intense aromas and the rich taste of olive oil emphasizes its authentic character and high quality.

The elegant and minimal bottle painted in natural color is inspired by the ancient Greek ceramic vessels. Classic but not ordinary, the opaque surface prevents the penetration of light while preserving the valuable components of olive oil.

The largest of the series imposing and elegant is equally easy to use and with a flow regulator, all our bottles have been distinguished internationally for their quality and design. 

A very beautiful family package of 5L in black color and for those who can not imagine their diet without olive oil, with rich aromas and excellent taste for lasting enjoyment!