Meet the History

Olive and Marble are two of the most distinguished elements of greek culture from Ancient times until these days.

We started the cultivation of this sacred tree and its fruit eighty years ago in a place, which was called Marmaro (means marble in greek) and was located between the villages Olynthos and Kalyves, in Chalkidiki.

MARMARO Olive Oil belongs to the "Chondroelia of Chalkidiki" variety, which is most known for its big, shiny and green olives that are harvested by hand. This kind of olive oil has low levels of acidity but it is full of polyphenols (antioxidants) which are beneficial for health and furthermore they can prevent illnesses. Olives are gathered at our irrigated olive groves, which are taken care for a year in order to produce Agoureleo (early harvest olive oil from unripe olives). During the years, our experience and respect to the olive trees has made MARMARO Olive Oil the best product of its kind.

From farm to table

The "Green Olives of Chalkidiki" come exclusively from the varieties "Chondrolia Chalkidiki" and "Chalkidiki" of Olea Europea. The olives produced by these varieties in Chalkidiki are characterized by a large size of fruit with a great proportion of flesh to kernel, bright green/greenish-yellow color, fine fruity aroma and taste slightly bitter, spicy and lacking sense of greasyness due to centuries of adaptation olive trees in the particular soil-climatic conditions of the area, as well as the cultivation techniques applied by the olive growers (picked by hands directly from the tree and not from the ground).

Integrated Management is the way of managing crops aimed at producing high-quality agricultural products using appropriate methods so that there is no burden on the environment and has a positive effect on human health.

Early Harvest Olive Oil

Our Products

“MARMARO” olive oil is a superior category olive oil produced by unripe olives of “Green olives of Chalkidiki” variety, picked up directly by hand. The process used is cold extraction, solely by mechanical means. It has an intense flavour and a slightly bitter with spicy aftertaste. Its main characteristic is low acidity and is high in antioxidants.

The daily consumption of 20 gr by “MARMARO” olive oil provides 7.4 mg of tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol derivatives. Olive oils that contain >5 mg per 20 gr belong to the category of olive oils that protect from blood lipid peroxidation, according to Commission Regulation No 432/2012 of the European Union. It is underlined that oleocanthal and oleosin have important biological activity, as well as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardio-protective and neuroprotective properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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An Intense flavour, high in antioxidants and low acidity.