About us 2020 we take a big step forward

By taking over the renowned family business papadopoulos olive oil mill this ye ar and successfully integrating it into our mediterranean eurofood SA based in athens, we have taken a decisive step forward-it enables us to vertically integrate our olive and olive oil production. In concrete terms, this means that we can offer you the highest level of transparency along the entire value chain.

Wel would be happy to open our olive oil production for you too-come and see us, we took forward to meeting you.

The team
 Meet the team

 Ceo mediterre eurofood SA

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Our mill

A list of experience, know-how and a modern press

Our olive oil mill is one of the most modern facilities in the elis/llia region.tanks to it-and of course our great experience and expertise-we are in the unique position of being able to regulate the intensity of our oils to the finest degree-from fruity to bitter and spicy,according to your preferences.

It is very important to us that our experts are able to monitor our entire production chain and the quality of our products at all stages of the production process,always with the ultimate goal of producing the highest quality virgin olive oil for you.

Certifications and awards

Our olive oils are of exquisite quality

Every good quality wine from a certain domain or location is certified.and so we also have all our olive oils analysed and certified-each individual certificate represents a benchmark for the quality of our products .

To this day ,our olive regularly win important awards at the most prestigious competitions in the world.we are correspondingly proud of our palmarés-including numerous gold and major gold medals from all over the world.
The gallery shows only a selection of our awards.

Our products 

We offer you a wide range of the finest olive oils

In addition to our exquisite ultra premium organic olive oils from italy and greece,we also offer you those from the premium-early harvest collection ,the flavored and the gastronomy collection.

The basis of all our exclusive oils are olives from selected groves,which grow for centuries in the cultivated land of ancient olympia and tuscany.they are harvested at exactly the right moment and then processed with passion and love in the most careful way.

Ultra premium collection

Extra virgin olive oil

Mediterre ultra premium collection revives the ancient methods of hippocrates for the production of early harvest extra virgin olive oil and direct milling at room temperature which he used in medicine.the greek name ‘om-pha-ki-non’ ‘omphacium’ was given to the olive oil by hippocrates due to the fact that it was made from unripe is a greek extra virgin olive oil rich in phenols,especially oleacanthal,the most important of all phenols,which is proven to have many health benefits .

We are grateful to share these extremely healthy extra virgin olive products with you while your body will enjoy high levels of antioxidants andi anti-inflammatory compounds,which act as a stress reduction ,weight management ,and even boosts the immune system.this early harvest extra virgin olive oils is of low yield which makes this preduct rare and is a collection of a limited quantity and it comes in numbered bottles depending on each year’s harvest.

Il territorio



Omphacium organic

Premium collection

Extra virgin olive oil

Mediterre early harvest premium collection was born in the land of ancient olympia in selected olive groves and it boasts a number of awards as the best mediterre olymp PGI olympia early harvest .it is a collection that presents local early harvest varieties either in monovarietal or blend editions.the PGI olympia is the most award-winning EVOO of all PGIs,in greece. We are grateful to share this intensely fruity and pleasant in bitterness and pungency early harvest collection ,while you will definitely distinguish a hint of a peppery finsish.

Olymp organic-PGI olympia

Olymp -PGI olympia



Extra virgin olive oil

Mediterre eurofood is launching a new collectionb of EVOOs aiming to cover the needs of hoteling and high gastronomy . our signature EVOOs,produced with love and utmost care exclusively for food professionals .all olives are harvested from strictly selected groves and are processed the same day in our own olive our ancestors did in ancient times,we still continue to recognize EVOO as the healthiest ingredient of the mediterranean is a true chef’s delight and suitable for all kinds of cuisines .

λ Premium greek EVOO

infused collection 

Extra virgin olive oil

Searching always for new challenges we imagined a collectio of flavored EVOO.mediterre infused olive oil collection is produced by using koroneiki variety of the region of olympia, combined with fresh fruit and organic essential oils of the highest quality strictly free from harmful substances.their production takes place in our own state-of-the-art olive oil mill. 

Limone costa di amalfi

Pepperoncino di soverato

Rosmarino salvatico