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MITERA (Greek: "Mother") is also the name and house brand of one of the first companies in the world to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil from thousand-year-old varieties. MITERA refers to the "mother tree", a thousand-year-old olive tree that recalls an icon of the Mediterranean.

MITERA GmbH produces extra virgin olive oil with very high organoleptic parameters. Their mission is to protect the cultivation and the economic value of the cultivars in their original growing areas.

MITERA Amerius (Italy) NEW!

A harmony of the rare and partly old olive varieties Crognale, Intosso and Gentile di Chieti, the noblest and best olive varieties of Abruzzo. The olive oil has a strong presence of green almonds, green tomatoes and artichokes. The finish is balanced and pleasantly round with a medium-intense bitterness and spiciness. AMERIUS “Chef Choise” is selected and produced for the product line of star chef, author, TV chef, German & Swiss Influencer Award 2020/2022 and World's Best Cookbook 2021 DAVID GEISSER,

2. MITERA Grand Cru (Italy) NEW!

Green and intense scent of walnut shells, fresh almonds and green tomatoes .An elegant combination of three Umbrian top varieties. This includes the original variety Raio 70%, the Ascolana 20% and Nostrale di Rigali 10%; medium to high intensity in the fruitiness that will not disappoint your palate. The DNA certification that applies to all Mitera olive oils standard gives consumers and consumers who 100% guarantee of authenticity.

 is the oldest variety on Crete, the Aegean Islands and Greece. We have analysed trees up to 3500-4000 years old, even in DNA. Our mission is to protect these trees and to enhance the genotypes of these millenial trees in their original territories. Soft and smooth fragrance of medium intensity. Distinct notes of green tomatoes, almonds and aromatic herbs. Soft and gentle on the palate at first, then a powerful explosion of flavours with pronounced vegetal-fruity aromas of chicory, artichoke and lettuce. The bitterness and spiciness express themselves elegantly and in balance.

MITERA Mastoidis Olive oil extra vergine from the original Mastoidis millenarial variety from Crete. DNA certified and pure variety, we have trees that are up to 3000 years old and go back to Minoan times. It is clean and smooth on the palate, a very harmonious blend of bitterness and pungency of medium intensity. Precise and persistent, the flavours of chicory, artichoke stems, herbs and fresh almonds are pronounced.

MITERA Raio (Italy)

millenarian variety, DNA certified, monocultivar from Umbria (Italy). Has a harmonious spiciness with notes of black pepper, intense scent of green walnut shells, fresh almonds, tomatoes and chicory. On the palate, an elegant, harmonious and long-lasting bitterness and spiciness. It is an original variety from Roman times.

MITERA Thygatera BIO Extra virgin olive oil,
 BIO and DNA certified. A meeting of the olive variety Koroneiki and the original millenarian varieties Mastoidis and Throumbolia. On the nose, the floral almond aroma typical of the island of Crete unfolds with a hint of wild chicory and herbs. The fruitiness is of medium intensity with a pleasant, long-lasting bitterness and spiciness.

Mitera Amerius ( Italy)

 DNA certified. A harmony of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Raio olive varieties; the best olive varieties from Umbria. The olive oil has a strong presence of green walnut, green tomato, field herbs, citrus and cardamom. The finish is balanced and round with an intense bitterness and pungency.