Monte Vibiano


 Centenary olive trees, rare native varieties and an estate rich in biodiversity: our award-winning oils are born in the green heart of Umbria.

Castello Monte Vibiano extra virgin olive oil


The lush hills around Perugia, with soil rich in limestone and chalk, are the perfect terrain for growing centuries-old olive trees up to 800 years old. Our estate, so attentive to biodiversity and certified zero CO2 emissions since 2009, is an idyllic place where Nature is respected and encouraged to grow spontaneously.

Castello di Monte Vibiano, a 282-hectare estate with over 10,000 trees. Find out more A place that is 40% cultivated and largely wild for the rest.


We are the first company in the world to have the DNA certification of our olives which guarantees total traceability of the origin of the oil. Expression of biodiversity: our oils are a direct expression of the territory.

Castello Monte Vibiano extra virgin olive oil represents 12 rare Italian cultivars that are 100% genetically certified. Patiently cultivated, all the olives are harvested by hand at zero km and then pressed at low temperatures to preserve the organoleptic properties of the fruit. Thanks to this long process, which combines human passion and dedication with technology, we obtain an oil with a light taste, the perfect expression of its land and of Umbrian richness.



There is a new sustainability-oriented chapter in the long history of the Fasola Bologna family estate.


Located near Perugia, since the 1st century AD the Castle of Monte Vibiano has jealously protected the vineyard of Lorenzo from above, which dates back to 217 AD and contains 55 hectares of precious olive groves with centenary or even millenary trees. Unconditional love for the land and deep respect for the environment convinced the family to make a radical choice: to leave over 700 hectares of land intact, with the desire to hand them over uncontaminated to future generations.

“We have set the goal of eliminating all fossil fuel emissions,” says Lorenzo Fasola Bologna, CEO of the Umbrian company. “In 1998 we started the 360 ​​Green Revolution project, which explores different aspects, from photovoltaic panels to biodiesel to reflective paint for roofs. Our efforts were rewarded in 2009, when Castello di Monte Vibiano became the first agricultural company in the world to receive UNI ISO 14064 certification from the Norwegian institute DNV (Det Norske Veritas), which represents the highest standard and zero impact in terms of CO2 emissions”.