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Interview with Francisco Correia Matado

Francisco Correia Matado has been an olive grower and a member of the Cooperativa de Moura e Barrancos for 41 years.

Since he was little, he had heard his parents talk about the Cooperative, and it was shortly after starting to work that he knew that his future would be linked to Olive Growing and the Cooperative.

Son and grandson of partners, in the first decade of the millennium he joined the Cooperative's Board of Directors, having, in three terms, left an important mark in what was one of its periods of greatest evolution.

"My fundamental job in the Board of Directors was – at that time – to tell the partners that you don't have one hectare of olive groves to receive thirty contos." It was "change the mentality of my colleagues".

He attributes a good part of the Cooperative's success to the Presidents he had in successive terms and believes that, in a logic of the future, "the right things are being done". He considers that for the success of the cooperative "the fundamental thing is to keep the partners together" and the strategic bet "in packaged olive oil".

He believes that, thanks to the work carried out daily by the cooperative, our members "are the ones who, when looking at an olive grove and the type of land, best know how to assess the quality of the olive".

This is one of the reasons why he believes that the consumer should choose Azeite de Moura. This, and the fact that it differs from other olive oils, by adding to the Galega variety - dominant in Portugal until a few years ago - the Cordovil and Verdeal varieties, "which only exist on the left bank of the Guadiana".

"If that's not enough" - he recommends smiling - "buy Moura Olive Oil even if it's ours! If you buy someone else's, we'll be worse!"

coop. Agrícola de Moura and Barrancos

Cooperativa Agrícola de Moura e Barrancos was founded in 1954, with the main mission of providing a competitive response to the transformation of the olive productions of its founders into olive oil.

Moura olive oil

The virgin olive oils produced, packaged and marketed by Cooperativa Agrícola de Moura e Barrancos, originate from the olive production of its cooperators.

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