The Mudrina brand comes from the Skadrin area of Dalmatia, near Krka National Park. We are a family producer with 500 olive trees. Our family cultivates olive trees with experience gained from hundreds of years of doing so, using the same techniques our ancestors taught us along with modern methods of organic cultivation. We preserve biodiversity within our groves using a huge number of self-healing aromatic herbs, which in turn contribute to the richness of Mudrina olive oil.

Producer Story
Mudrina olive oil comes from Dalmatia, Skradin area of National park Krka, Croatia.
We are a small family producer and we grow and take care of 500 olive trees. Half of them is Krvavica, which is the native olive variety of Skradin and the other half is Oblica, the most common variety in Dalmatia.
Our olive trees grow at an altitude of 180 meters, in an area with daily changes of sea and mountain winds with an abundance of the sun and heat during the day and a relaxing coolness at night.
Our family cultivates olive trees based on the experience of our ancestors and at the same time we integrate the current methods of organic farming (certificate no.: 2043-19591-0419-E).
 The purity and high quality of nature are our commitment.

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Thanks to the excellent natural conditions, the combination of two local varieties, krvavica and oblica, gives the olive oil a particularly harmonious taste, a pleasant spiciness and an extraordinary fruitiness. The preserved biodiversity with a large number of self-healing aromatic plants contributes to the richness of Mudrina olive oil.
With a very careful production process, with a cold press the same day after the manual harvest, we keep an authentic natural quality.
Mudrina olive oil develops particular flavors of almond and fresh olive leaves. It is ideal to consume with many types of cheeses, dried fruits such as figs, plums, nuts. Meat or fish dishes. With Mudrina olive oil has a rich and interesting creamy taste.