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Oio Vivo Istarska Bjelica
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At Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Early Harvest Edition 2024

Ultra Premium Olive Oil

Explore the Distinctive Heritage of Croatian Olive Oil

Croatia, with its stunning Adriatic coast and ancient olive-growing traditions, is celebrated for its exquisite olive oils. These premium oils embody the essence of a landscape where olive cultivation has been honed over millennia, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.

In 2024, this Croatian olive oils was evaluated by a panel of the world’s foremost experts, achieving an exceptional rating. With scores ranging from 80 to 100 out of a possible 100, it proudly holds the title of Ultra Premium Olive Oils. This gold medals distinction marks it as one of the world’s finest olive oils.

Such an achievement isn't simply fortuitous but the fruit of relentless dedication to excellence and scrupulous care in every aspect, from selecting the finest olives to the art of pressing them. It is a pursuit driven by passion, patience, and precision.

Thanks to Best Olive Oils Store, this exceptional olive oils will soon be available in the most beautiful capitals of the world. You will find it in our stores and on our website. We invite you to continue your visit on this page to discover all the necessary information and fully enjoy the excellence of this olive oil.

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On the main road that connects Pula, a three-thousand-year-old town on seven hills, and Vodnjan, a city of olives and olive oil, is one of the largest olive groves in southern Istria with more than 15,000 trees. From the heart of our young plantations, located only 5 km from the sea, there is a beautiful and unique view of the Brijuni archipelago, the recognizable Vodnjan tower and the ancient city of Pula. Nature has simply chosen this climate to easily, in collaboration with a man striving for excellence, create top quality olive oil for millennia. Indigenous varieties, integrated cultivation, timely harvesting, manual harvesting, fast processing, and careful storage are the key to the first-class quality of Oio Vivo extra virgin olive oil.

Our vision is to offer all customers of Oio Vivo oil the entire process and experience related to olive growing and production of top quality olive oil in an attractive, geographically well positioned location with the possibility of tasting and buying not only olive oil but also other local products.

 It took us a lot of courage, togetherness and strength to build the largest olive grove in southern Istria on fire-devastated land. With our own funds, but also with the help of the local community, we decided on new challenges, starting a company based on the principles of socially responsible business. Continuous improvement, care for quality, application of innovations in cooperation with professional institutions, are our foundations on which we base our entire work.


  • constant care for the quality of olive oil and the development of the product range
  • revitalization of indigenous olive varieties
  • packaging or labeling of products taking into account the needs of all market groups (Braille on the product label)
  • continuous implementation of scientific analyzes on the nutritional properties of products are a guarantee of safety and quality of products for consumers
  • cooperation with scientific and educational institutions on improving the quality and the differentiation of supply and the application of innovations
  • a significant contribution to the quality of life of consumers who buy Oio Vivo extra virgin olive oil
  • striving to make the customer of the Oio Vivo product always receives the most complete, true and up-to-date information about the product and its properties

 We continuously cooperate with scientific and educational institutions in Croatia and Istria in order to improve our own business and help educate new experts in olive growing through the adoption of practical knowledge about olive growing, production and processing of olive oil. Prototype machine for watering olive groves and fertilizing Cooperation with the Polytechnic of Poreč Cooperation with the Open University Pula - Diopter - education of adults in olive growing Cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture Cooperation with the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism in Porec We are innovators in the production of useful machines and tools that can improve the maintenance of olive groves, so we designed a prototype machine for watering olive groves and fertilizing which through built-in sensors saves fertilizer by properly dosing water to which liquid humus is added. We cooperate with the Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb, the Polytechnic of Poreč, the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism, also in Poreč, and the Open University of Pula - Diopter - related to adult education programs in olive growing.


Nourish your senses with premium Oio Vivo liquid gold

Fall in love with the wide range of flavors of our excellent olive oils, among which you will surely single out your favorite, which will become an indispensable spice to your dishes, but also strengthen your health. The range of extra virgin olive oils Oio Vivo currently includes four varietal oils of indigenous olives, and two mixtures of varietal oils of different intensities. Our selection consists of Vodnjanska Buža, Rozinjola, Istarska Bjelica, and a rare variety Žižolera, specific to the climate of Vodnjan, and from the mixtures we have a milder Bon, and intense Gajardo.

When to start harvesting olives is a very important question. Deciding on the time of harvest will significantly affect the quality and taste of the oil. The most valuable oil, with a pleasant and fresh taste of olive fruit, was called "ex-albis ulivis" by the ancient Romans, and was obtained at an early harvest when the color of the fruit changed from green to green-yellow. Phenolic ingredients that give the oil flavor and aroma are reduced with the ripening of olives, so it is very important to monitor the ripening process and make a timely harvest decision when the level of polyphenols in fresh olives is highest. We start harvesting in the first days of October, weather permitting, and practice hand-picking olives to better preserve them, as the trees are still young.

The procedure of processing olives takes place in several carefully carried out phases: cleaning and washing the fruit, grinding, mixing the dough, separating the solid from the liquid part, and deviding the oil mixture into oil and water. The ultimate goal of this process is to obtain oil from the olive fruit without causing changes in the chemical composition significant for the quality of the oil and its biological and nutritional value. Particular attention should be paid to the process of mixing the dough, because this is where a significant loss of polyphenols is possible, which will ultimately affect the quality of the oil and its further protection against oxidation.

 After the processing oil,it is stored in the olive grove itself, in a fresh and airy place at a constant temperature in stainless steel  tanks connected to nitrogen gas, which prevents the oil from coming into contact with oxygen. In this way, the oxidation process is prevented and the valuable properties of the oil are preserved in the long run.