Liquid gold from Subbética, Córdoba

This extremely high-quality extra virgin olive oil is made with the best olives of the Hojiblanca variety from Subbética in Córdoba, through cold extraction

Our liquid gold preserves all of its good properties thanks to an innovative metal packaging that combines aesthetics, functionality and care for the environment. It does not affect the oil’s delicious flavour or any of its organoleptic qualities.

We produce our oil in a sustainable way, recovering the quality and fertility of the soil

our oil

Buying ÓLEO 2 you not only acquire a premium product, but you also collaborate with the preservation of the habitat.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


ÓLEO2 is an exceptional oil that maintains its antioxidant and beneficial properties for much longer than any other EVOO. Organoleptically it is a green, balanced and very stable fruity oil.

Innovative and sustainable packaging

Opaque container with a comfortable and manageable size. Easily recyclable to avoid damage to the environment. Exclusive hermetic, non-refillable cap that complies with hotel and restaurant regulations.

About us

Cordovan olive growers since 1876

We are the sixth generation dedicated to olive cultivation, which is why we know very well what is the proper management of our trees and the optimal moment of harvesting the olives to obtain olive oil of the highest quality.

In 2020 we go one step further and have launched into the marketing of our own brand of extra virgin olive oil: ÓLEO 2

Take advantage and do not miss the opportunity to enjoy it because the production is very limited.