Our history

Olibañez Olive Oil

Olibañez was born as an idea that was gestated within the Ibáñez and Valverde family.

This family, dedicated since 1994 to the manufacture of high-quality cheeses, marketed under the Quesos Sierra Sur brand, has also been a lifelong family of farmers and producers of Olive Oil, but until the birth of Olibañez, they had never intervened in the market and marketing of the olive oil produced.

Our olive groves
OLIBAÑEZ oil comes from olive groves located in the Sierra Sur de Jaén and in the Sierra Subbética de Córdoba

Some of our olive groves are cultivated at more than 900 meters above sea level. The predominant variety is Picual, but there is also a presence of Hojiblanco and Picudo, which gives the oil excellent aroma and flavor characteristics. The cultivation is carried out following the practices according to the Integrated Production regulations.

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