Why is our oil so special?

It is a 100% natural product, the fruit of olives of a unique variety, the arbequina, and 100% own production in a magical environment that gives it special aromas and fruitiness.

Les Cabanes extra virgin olive oil is a 100% natural product, the juice of the olive and nothing else, without additives, preservatives, or dyes; It is 100% Arbequina olive, without mixing with other olive varieties; It is 100% our own production, obtained directly from the cold extraction of 100% Arbequina olives from here, from Juncosa de les Garrigues; It is virgin and is of extra quality.

Les Cabanes extra virgin olive oil is highly appreciated for its purity and quality, for being a product of a single variety, the Arbequina olive, for being a unique product. Its excellence and purity make it a superior category oil, a gourmet product, a delicatessen within everyone's reach.

The environment where we grow our olive trees, surrounded by forest, bushes and aromatic plants, gives Les Cabanes extra virgin olive oil special aromas and fruitiness, of a quality and sensory characteristics highly appreciated and valued by the most demanding palates and by oil connoisseurs.

Sant Isidre Agricultural Cooperative

With more than 100 years of history, we are a cooperative that unites the effort and work of a group of farmers, and that is linked to the economy of the town. Don't you know us yet?

About us?

Founded in 1919 as the "Juncosa Agricultural Union" by a group of farmers willing to join forces and work together to safeguard their interests and jointly market their oil, in 1939 it was renamed "San Isidro Agricultural Cooperative" and currently has the name of the Sant Isidre de Juncosa de les Garrigues Agricultural Cooperative.

The Cooperative has always been closely linked to the history and economy of the town, where practically all the farmers are members.

During the last decades the cooperative has been expanding the sections to provide more services to the members: supply of fertilizers and phytosanitary products, rental of agricultural machinery, grocery store, credit section, sale of diesel, agro-store...

Since 2011, the Cooperative has had a new mill, fully expanded and renovated, with the most advanced machinery to offer maximum safety and efficiency to the process of obtaining and elaborating Les Cabanes extra virgin olive oil .

The new oil mill, located at the entrance to the town, offers all the modern features and comforts of new facilities and integrates all the production processes of our oil, from grinding to delivery to our customers' homes, passing through the filtering, storage in tanks, packaging, labelling, etc.

The offices and the agro-store for customer service are still in the middle of town, next to the old oil mill of the Cooperative.