Olio Roi

Our production of Extra Virgin Oil derives exclusively from cold processing carried out with the newest technologies. The processing is carried out without heating the olive paste and without adding hot water to the paste itself and to the oily must, to give the Extra Virgin Olive Oil ROI greater bio-nutritional and organoleptic superiority and better conservation. Use the code 120RACCOLTE to get a 20% discount on all your purchases!

Who we are

We produce extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality, real crus, vintage extra virgin olive oils resulting from a wise annual and territorial selection of the best Taggiasca olives.

The history of the Roi family begins in 1900 when Giuseppe, the great-grandfather "Pepin u Roi", built the first oil mill using the wood and stones of our valley. It is the beginning of a long journey that reaches the present day, up to Paolo, who with his father commits all his time and passion in the family oil mill.

More than 100 years have now passed since Giuseppe, in which we have changed, we have grown, always maintaining a close link with our past. This way of being has led us today to work with 42 countries around the world. 

We strive every day to highlight the high Italian and Taggiasca quality with our products, from oils to sauces, through olives and the most special creations.


Quality in the cultivation of olive groves, rigorous selection of olives to be crushed, renewed and constantly controlled oil mill, compliance with specifications and innovation in niche production, this is what is in our Extra Virgins. Here's how our high altitude PDOs are born.

The Extra Virgins

Producing Ligurian quality oil is an art, but much of the merit can be attributed to the variety of plants that, thanks to centuries of adaptation to the territory and to the climate, provide a low-acidity product with a fruity aroma and a sweet sensation. That enhances the characteristics of food without being intrusive.

The Seasoned

We at Roi love to experiment and above all we believe that two good things, if put together, can give life to something exquisite. Here is how our truffle, chili, lemon and rosemary oils are born.

The origins

The Benedictine monks built the first terracing on the hills, they settled between the late seventh and early eighth centuries in the valley of Argentina.

The fruit

The fruit, elliptical-cylindrical and slightly larger at the base, has a very high oil content.

Taggiasca Planet


From one hectare of olive groves, seventy quintals of Taggiasca olives are usually obtained, compared to sixty / one hundred quintals produced from olive trees of other varieties.

The plant

The particularly large and robust plant can reach fifteen meters in height and produce fruit for more than 600 years.