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We are a family enchanted with the art of farming. Agriculture and contact with the countryside have always been our greatest sources of motivation and growth. A few years ago, we started the practice of Olive Growing, with the acquisition of an olive grove in the city of Durazno, Uruguay, which was a fascinating discovery for everyone, and since then, we have managed the orchard with great dedication.

Over time, we also delved into the art of making Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and thus, we took the important step of producing at home, founding Almazara Olivas del Paso in 2017. Our almazara is 2 km from the orchard, which provides considerable gains in oil quality, as the olives are processed within a few hours of being harvested.


Our production is located in a unique region in the world, which in a way is a challenge, but at the same time, it contributes to our olive oil incorporating remarkable particularities, imposed by the fertile soil and the high annual rainfall of the central region of Uruguay.

The entire production process is accompanied by family members. In the field, we take care that the olives are collected from the tree and taken to our warehouse so that their optimal conditions are preserved. Our olives are harvested by hand and precociously, so that we can reach the level of quality and sensory attributes that we desire.

At almazara, we manage the adjustment of the equipment, constantly monitoring the temperature and preparation time of the olive paste, since this moment is also crucial to achieve certain properties. And, finally, we are immensely happy to take care of the fruit of the whole process, the Olivas del Paso, which we send directly to the stainless steel tanks where decantation takes place and, later, storage.

More than care throughout the entire process chain, the Harvest Campaign has become a family event, where everyone participates responsibly, distributing love, enthusiasm and respect for the orchard, almazara, and the entire Olivas del Paso team.

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Olivas del Paso is a well-balanced, refreshing and fruity olive oil, with an intense grassy flavor and notes of green tomato and banana. It has a decidedly spicy and bitter aftertaste, resulting in an elegant and complex oil.

Spicy and bitterness are positive qualities of this oil. They indicate low levels of acidity, high and healthy levels of polyphenols and good duration.

Your experience will certainly be special and your satisfaction will be the reward of the work of the entire team at Fazenda El Paso.

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