Gold Award - OPG Odakovo ulje

At Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Early Harvest Edition 2024

Premium Olive Oil

Explore the Tradition and Quality of Croatian Premium Olive Oil

Croatia, with its stunning coastal vistas and ancient olive groves, is deeply rooted in the culture of olive oil. Our Premium olive oil is the fruit of this profound tradition, inherited from generations of dedicated olive growers who benefit from Croatia's ideal Mediterranean climate and fertile soils.

In 2024, this olive oil was subjected to the scrutiny of the world’s most prestigious juries, earning it a score between 80 and 89 out of 100. This score not only illustrates its excellence but has also resulted in it being awarded a gold medal, officially recognizing it as Premium Olive Oil. This distinction highlights its superior quality, making it a favored choice among olive oil enthusiasts.

At Best Olive Oils Store, we are proud to offer this Premium Croatian olive oil, soon to be available in the most beautiful capitals of the world. You will find it in our exclusive boutiques as well as on our website. Each purchase is an invitation to explore Croatia’s excellence and to enhance your culinary experiences with high-quality olive oil.

To learn more about this exceptional olive oil and to discover how it can transform your meals, continue your visit on This page and dive into a world of authentic and refined flavors.

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OPG Odakovo Oil (formerly Šimunović-Odak) has been actively engaged in olive farming for the last approximately 25 years. The tradition of olive cultivation dates back to the time of the Dubrovnik Republic. The plantations rely on the traditional autochthonous Oblica variety and added varieties such as Levantinka, Lastovka, Dubrovnik Bjelica, along with some introduced varieties on a smaller scale. The olive groves are scattered across the cultivation area of Ošlje-Dubrovnik coast. Altogether, there are 3000 trees, both old and new plantations. Our family traditionally also produces products made from olives. At this year's festival, they will present one monovarietal oil (Lastovka SELECTION 2022), and a blend of Oblica, Levantinka, and Lastovka as well as black and green olives.