Ophen Oil


OphenOil is an organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) , produced by blending olives exclusively Italian grapes obtained in adherence to rigorous cultivation protocols and harvested early , from which OphenOil is extracted using the most modern milling techniques to preserve its high natural content of polyphenols ( over 900 mg / kg of Compounds Minor Polaris - MPC - at bottling ).

A large percentage of this phenolic content is constituted by OLEOCANTHAL (OLEOCANTHAL and 10-hydroxyoleocanthal), a NATURAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY and this characteristic makes the product unique , classifiable as a Pharma - food , useful for the prevention of the effects of aging and the reduction of effects of numerous pathologies . This particular oil was conceived by an aggregate team made up of Dr. Elisabetta CICCONE, who had secular high altitude olive trees located in Abruzzo, by Prof. Annalisa ROMANI, an international reference in the field of exploitation of oil polyphenols and of wine, and by Dr. Marco ROMANI, specialist in the management of sensitive and critical industrial processes, who was involved in the development of the milling, blending and bottling of OPHENOIL, in order to preserve the precious phenolic content determined by the ability to concentrate of bio-active substances of the ancient mountain olive groves.

OPHENOIL originates from the recovery of ancient high altitude olive groves (rooted at over 600 meters above sea level ) which heroically survived the abandonment resulting from emigration which in the 1900s led to a diaspora of workers from Central Italy and in particular from Abruzzo.

Through a scientific research program commissioned by the University of Florence, a university center of excellence in the study of olive trees and oil, extra-virgin olive oil with the highest concentration in the world is born in Oleocanthal and 10-hydroxyoleocanthal, extraordinary natural polyphenols capable of carrying out an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant active .
A careful selection of olive varieties, and maniacal processes of harvesting, selection and pressing allow to obtain an oil that preserves all its polyphenol content and in particular of OLEOCANTHAL.

Olives are the natural safe of polyphenols, and ours is only the merit of having identified the method to extract them and make them available to a consumer who is attentive to their health and in search of an extraordinary taste.

Elisabetta Ciccone in OFENA-CARRUFO - 613 meters above sea level