Palazzo Di Varignana


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who we are

"A wealthy man who owns land in the municipality of Varignana thought about these last years of extracting oil from olives, which bring some old carious trees, and poorly kept (...). This oil, which I have tasted, is clear, of excellent taste, and far superior to those that are commonly sold. (...) God wanted to restore once the shabby cultivation of olive trees, which with so much advantage they dressed and embellished our Hills at other times 

Thus wrote Gioan Ignazio Molina in his "Memoirs of Natural History" in 1821, hoping for the return of the noble olive culture, present in the lands of Emilia from Roman times until the beginning of the eighteenth century, struck down by what historians define the "little Ice Age" that hit Europe around 1700.

It is from here, from the precise desire to revive the history, the roots and the riches of this territory, that the Palazzo di Varignana project was born, started in 2013 with the restoration of the prestigious Palazzo Bargellini-Bentivoglio and extended over the years to the recovery of ancient native crops and the creation of a line of own-brand food products.

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Our brand represents a unique philosophy of a place of experiences whose core values are Tradition, Territory, Excellence and Health. Modern and innovative techniques, combined with artisan experience, create high-quality, healthy and 100% Italian ground-to-table products. New modern and rational olive groves and orchards and the Rio Red Garden in turn offer products used also in the preparation of our chef's dishes, in particular a selection of superior quality Extra virgin olive oil  is already awarded by the main international guides.


Currently, the land cultivated with olive trees is about 120 hectares, but they are destined to increase within the next few years. For this reason, the Oil Mill will be built by 2023, which will allow us to follow 100% of the production process of Palazzo di Varignana Extravirgin Olive Oil, from harvesting, to processing until the final milling.

The wine project is taking shape: today, we are growing 35 hectares of vines, from which we produce the Sangiovese DOC and the Sparkling Classic Method wine. By 2021, we will finish the construction of our Winery.


The three restaurants of the resort are the ideal stage to enhance the unique taste of our selections of Extravirgin Olive Oil.

The Pool Restaurant AUREVO, has a name which is an evocative tribute to Palazzo di Varignana's EVO Oil, Green Gold of the surrounding lands, which the resort cultivates directly thanks to its own agricultural society.

The Evo Oil has become the soul and the main inspiration of the team of young and creative chefs of the restaurant: each dish, in fact, is designed to enhance the different hints of our line of Extra virgin olive oil, born exclusively from native cultivars and excellent and certified quality.