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  Who we are

Today it is the story of those who have transformed the love for their land into a job, but more than half a century has passed since Riccardo Piccolo took his first steps towards this world. It is 1955, we are in Andria and right here Riccardo, still a boy, begins his apprenticeship as an olive grower. He acquires the necessary notions, learns the profession and just seven years later he opens his own company: "Agricola Piccolo".

Thanks to his passion he manages to make Agricola Piccolo one of the major exponents in the processing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, distinguishing itself both for the quality of the Coratina Cultivar and for the attention paid to its product. Deep transformations took place in the olive sector between 1960 and 1970, also from a technical point of view, but Riccardo manages to keep up with the times by increasingly refining the technique and modernizing the machinery used. Riccardo Piccolo's work is not in vain but is carried out by his sons Giuseppe and Salvatore, to whom the passion for this profession and love for their land has been transmitted.

Our Oil ...

Obtained exclusively from the olives of our farms, 'f.lli Piccolo' EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is the result of passion for working in the fields and the natural preference of our olive growers.


Extra virgin olive oil

100% Italian product Fragrant, tasty, a great friend of the heart and health at the table It is the seasoning with the best fat balance Rich in antioxidants Natural source of vitamin E Obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means

Why choose us?

Because the Fratelli Piccolo farm produces the olives directly, cultivating them with care and dedication throughout the year, up to the milling, where they are pressed no later than 24 hours after harvesting; this gives our oil an intense and pleasant flavor, with nuances of a fruity taste and hints of light and spicy bitterness. Our olive trees are all of CORATINA quality, the oil coming from the milling of these olives is rich in polyphenols, with low values ​​of peroxides and low acidity (<0.2%).

F.lli Piccolo, an ancient agricultural vocation



Sizes, traceability and info

We have the following sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml available in round bottles, 500ml delicate and intense in Denver bottle with fancy packaging, 1L available in square bottle, 3L delicate and intense Bag in Box and 5L Bag in Box.

The Fratelli Piccolo farm is able to guarantee the complete TRACEABILITY of its oil.

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F.lli Piccolo, an ancient agricultural vocation

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