About Our Oil:

This bottle is a spectacular combination of design and the most exclusive wine we harvest in Picualia.
The content of this bottle contains the best olive juice of the harvest, extracted and selected by professional and rigorous tasters.
This bottle of EVOO is intended for the most demanding competitions, as a letter of presentation of our product to the world, hence its importance. We can highlight when we taste the oil the freshness of a green fruit and the fruity scent of green olives, emerald green color.
This oil is of spectacular purity and has a clean and a pleasant taste that leaves in the mouth sensations and desires to taste it again. Format Available in 500 ml

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This bottle is the flagship of Picualia, with its characteristic blue color that simulates the professional tasting glass. It contains a fresh, green olive juice, from olives harvested in October and from which are extracted the best perfumes and characteristic flavors of the tomato plant, the alloza almond, and the greens that remind us of a walk through the Sierra Morena on a spring afternoon, thus being an EVOO that is capable of transporting us and of a superior category. All the olive juice of October that does not correspond to the First day of Harvest and the lot reserved for participation in national and international prizes is packed in this bottle. Format Available in 100 ml and 500 ml.

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