Every legend has a beginning

35 years after planting an olive grove in the magical Lachish region of Israel, the Tamir family learned that an ancient Byzantine wine press was discovered on that very same spot. This indicated fertile soil and a large scale of agricultural activity. Thus a name was chosen: Ptora, as the name of the ancient city, covered by the sands of time. Ptora farm specializes in growing olives, grapes and other fruits, producing world class award-winning olive oil of the purest quality, boutique wines – each with its own unique character, unforgettable crystal clear honey so rich in taste, and a large variety of other Israeli agriculture based products.

Devoted to nature

The people of Ptora are expert farmers who possess a deep ecological awareness and are committed to natural growth processes, all to offer passionate food lovers the finest products the land can yield.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In 1976, the family planted the first olive trees on the farm: there are three varieties – Nabali, Picual, and Barnea. They are grown naturally, without use of fertilizers and pesticides, and watered minimally. After the olive harvest, the oil is produced by cold press and then the oil is stored in barrels for three months, allowing particles – which might cause oxidative damage to the oil – to sink to the bottom. They are then removed, and so the end-product is high-grade olive oil. Throughout the whole process, we take great care to keep the oil from exposure to air and light, thus insuring the finest quality oil.
Nabali is the flagship product of our olive oil series. The olives are grown in the farm’s oldest groves, planted some 40 years ago. The Nabali is one of the most ancient olive cultivars, and originated in Nablus. It’s one of the few olives that has never undergone genetic modification. Our Nabali grove was planted in a rocky plot of land, so all work performed there is by hand, without machinery, and the trees are never sprayed. Our Nabali olive oil has a rich fruity taste, with peppery hints that imbue it with a moderate spiciness. Our Nabali won the gold medal in the 2015 New York Olive Oil Competition (NYOOIC) and was declared one of the best in the world.

A family boutique is solved

Petora Family Boutique planted its first roots in 1956. Tova and Shmuel Tamir, who are among the founding generation of Moshav Sde Moshe, established the farm after leaving Kibbutz Mitzvah in the Upper Galilee, with the intention of settling the south of the country and the Lachish region in particular. In the beginning, the farm's activity was concentrated in various branches of agriculture such as chicken coops, flowers, fruit trees, and vines. In 1976, the first olive vineyard was planted which paved a long and glorious path to the production of olive oil.

Today, the farm is managed side by side by Noam (Tova and Shmuel's son) and Ado (their grandson), who continue the agricultural heritage with dedication, while expanding the activity. As part of the changes that have taken place in the economy over the years, the "Pathaura" brand was born in 2006, the purpose of which is to enable a direct and unmediated connection of the finest local produce to consumers.


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