Tuscan PGI biological

Our Black Gold logo label is the chosen one for the IGP designation crown.

For this reason more rigorous, superior, certified and regal appearance. It reflects a strong and determined character.

Characteristics: Artichoke scent, in the mouth is bitter in the mouth and medium spicy in the finish. Persistent and harmonious. Golden green color.

100% Italian biological

Our Grey label with Black logo has the task of being the most balanced.

Elegant and dynamic, it has a diplomatic and empathetic character.

Features : scent of grass and cut hay. In the mouth is medium sweet/ bitter incoming, has a good spiciness and has a slightly bitter return in the finish. Powerful and muscular. Bright yellow color.

100% Italian

Our Black Logo Striped label is the most vibrant and colorful.

It’s the youngest in the collection and for its easy blend it can approach anything you want.

Features : noble grass scent with notes of black pepper. In the mouth it has a sweet entry with a slight bitterness, its finish is pungent. Yellow color with delicate green reflection.

Three is the perfect number

Why choose one when you can have all three ?

 Taste all our labels in one package.

 Only the BREAD is missing!