Awarded Olive Oil

My name is Kyriakos Apostolakis.

It is my dream to share with the world the gifts that my native land has been blessed with. If you are seeking an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil of character, with a memory and voice of its own, look no further. Salvation Olive Oil.

Salvation Olive Oil makes an impression at several international olive oil competitions. Launched in 2018, it stands out among hundreds of olive oil brands from Greece and abroad, and has won awards for its excellent quality and taste.

Salvation Olive Oil

Greek ultra-premium early harvest & cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Salvation Olive Oil is an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, of protected geographical indication (PGI), which has just been launched in the Greek market in limited quantity. It is produced in Laconia (Peloponnese) in the area of Monemvasia.

The Apostolakis family and the olive

Our family has been associated with olive farming and pure olive oil production for so long that the most distant memories and records of this relationship have faded into time. This is the place where our ancestors put down roots, even before our grandfather’s grandfather, alongside our olive trees.

An ancient variety
within a wondrous micro-bio-system

Salvation extra virgin olive oil is amongst the premium Greek olive oil varieties and is exclusively produced by Mirtoelia or Mourtoelia. This is an ancient, yet not very common, Greek olive variety known for its unique nutritional value. It has been traditionally cultivated in the region of Laconia (Lakonia) and produces high quality extra virgin olive oil of Protected Geographical Indication.

The journey towards the palate

When the precious oil of the year’s crop is ready, our sole concern is to come up with an exclusive end product: the superior-quality extra virgin olive oil you deserve to taste day after day.

The rewarding experience of its taste

All our endeavours to meticulously cultivate the olive trees and produce top-rated olive oil, generation after generation, have been rewarded by the exceptional taste of our oil.

Superior quality
Greek olive oil for food:
a delightful sprinkle to be
savoured in all culinary creations.

Salvation Olive Oil wins with delicate Myrtoelia

By Daniel Dawson (Olive Oil Times) Greek producer Salvation Olive Oil has won a Gold Award at the 2020 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition for its delicate Myrtolia.