Tenuta Masciangelo



Excellence stems from our natural environment

Superior quality wines and extra virgin oils can only be born from a perfect environment and from the stubborn renunciation of compromises. Every moment spent at 
Tenuta Masciangelo is the testimony of the greatness of mother nature: an invaluable heritage that gives us the ideal microclimate, a combination of the sweetness of the
hills and the immensity of the sea. In this little corner of paradise called Abruzzo our dreams come true, making us feel part of something special. Here the harmony
between man and nature is exalted, expressing the excellence of the ‘made in Italy’ taste.

Olive groves

The land of timeless riches.

The essence of our rural tradition is kept within the olive groves of Tenuta Masciangelo, a green corner of Abruzzo of incomparable beauty and grandeur. In this place the ancient trees seem to tell their story in the furrows of their trunks, in the generosity of the fronds and in the tortuosity of the branches that from up high look towards the Adriatic coast. In order to pay tribute to this heritage of inestimable value, we focus all our attention and effort on hand gathering the fruits offered us.

Maria extra virgin olive oil

In the name of excellence

It would be too easy to describe this oil as the expression of the highest quality of the Tenuta Masciangelo signature brands, a simplification that would not honor the sophisticated complexity of a truly extraordinary oil. Everything in the Maria line is driven by excellence: patient picking of the olives of our centuries old trees, scrupulous selection that eliminates any imperfection, pressing done immediately after harvesting to preserve the richness of aromas, a packaging design that skillfully mixes references to the past and an innovative vision of the future. The result is an extra virgin olive oil of unsurpassable quality, able to amaze with its perfect combination of bitter and spicy notes, very low acidity, its aromatic richness and the high number of antioxidants.

Wellness extra virgin olive oil

A source of well-being.

Today greater attention is given to a search for a healthy and balanced diet. Whether it is athletes or those who care about their well-being, a premium extra virgin olive oil,
like the one of the Wellness line, is always an ideal choice due to its rich composition of monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, polyphenols and natural antioxidants. An
exceptional product, made according to the principles of proper nutrition in order to be a source of daily health. A product that, thanks to alternative packaging options, is
an ideal travel companion and perfect for outdoor activity. Even the packaging conveys this particular flair of Wellness, a revisited shape of a vintage bottle with a modern
and fascinating design.

Gourmet extra virgin olive oil

A Star Chef’s first choice.

Gourmet cuisine is not only the identifying mark of the ‘made in Italy’ culture, but it represents one of the greatest expressions of pleasure and talent all over the world.
Both locally and globally, chefs are real artists who interpret raw materials and their combinations in absolutely unique and personal ways. To make a dish perfect,
however, it is essential that each element is of utmost prestige and in harmony with all the others, especially when talking about that extra virgin olive oil that becomes the
touch of taste that binds the ingredients and enhances the flavors . The Gourmet line designed by Tenuta Masciangelo has been created as an answer to the wishes of
great chefs. A product of the highest quality that gives a touch of luxury to every creation and amazes even the most refined of palates.

EVO extra virgin olive oil

Pure daily delight

Conceived to be an essential element in the kitchen, this fine extra virgin olive oil completes the best dishes without altering their flavors, but by enhancing their depth
thanks to sensory and organoleptic notes of unparalleled value. Capable of preserving its characteristics even at high temperatures, it is perfect to accompany baked
dishes and fried foods of any kind. Ideal choice for chefs and connoisseurs looking for excellence of taste in the kitchen; it is extraordinary when used raw, and capable of
giving sublime crispness: just the right temperature, fragrant, dry to the eye and not too oily on the palate .