Tenuta Masciangelo


Superior quality extra virgin oils can only be born from a perfect environment and from the stubborn renunciation of compromises. Every moment spent at Tenuta Masciangelo is the testimony of the greatness of mother nature: an invaluable heritage that gives us the ideal microclimate, a combination of the sweetness of the
hills and the immensity of the sea. In this little corner of paradise called Abruzzo our dreams come true, making us feel part of something special. Here the harmony
between man and nature is exalted, expressing the excellence of the ‘made in Italy’ taste. 

Luxury oil
A trickle of timeless pleasure.
The extra virgin olive oil is undoubtedly a key element of our culture, something rooted in our history that does not allow for anything less than perfection. Everything we do
at Tenuta Masciangelo is aimed at creating impeccable extra virgin olive oil, from the field to the arrival at our tables: careful cultivation of the olives, a patient wait for the
right level of ripeness, sustainable harvesting, milling carried out within a few hours of harvesting, the use of olives only directly cultivated by us, carefully selected, and stored at each stage of production. 

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Luxury oil
A trickle of timeless pleasure.

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