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Terre di Zaccanello for us is not just a place, but a journey into the colors and scents of rural and wonderful Sicily to rediscover natural rhythms and simple and genuine flavors.
The roots of our family have been in these lands for three generations, that is, since Nonno Alfonso, an ancient oil trader, bought the first hectares in the early 1960s and realized his dream of planting an olive grove.
After him, his son Salvatore, while taking care of other activities, has never been able to resist the call of this magical place, to the point of deciding, in 2010, to extend the property to its current size and to launch, together with his wife Daniela , the Oikos project, a Relais immersed in the Sicily of yesteryear, a place that you don't visit, you live.
History repeated itself with their eldest daughter Federica, who, after studying law abroad and working in international law firms, suffered the same call and decided to leave everything to found Terre di Zaccanello, deepen the wonderful world of extra virgin olive oil and obtain a master's degree in food & wine management. Today he is an oil sommelier and runs the company with the help of his sister Giulia and brother Alfonso and with the indispensable support of the whole family.


Extravirgin Olive Oil IGP Sicilia Bring home sicilian perfumes, colors and flavors.
Terre di Zaccanello extra virgin olive Oil has been admitted to the IGP brand "Sicilia", recently recognised by the European Union.
The Protected Geographical Indication is very restrictive and aims at guaranteeing the territorial identity and at defining a product that is characterised by the application of cultivation, collection, storage and oiling specification.

We believe that awareness is the first step towards a more sustainable future: for this reason, we invite you to recycle our bottles and cans properly, or to reuse them making original flower pots, lamps and chandeliers.

Terre di Zaccanello -
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