Founded in 1970 and passed down through three generations, Fermes Ali Sfar is a family business specialized in the production of both organic olive oil and the marketing of its own harvested product.
F.A.S has three farms that extend more than 1200 acres holding 25000 olive trees located at the base of the Zaghouan Mountain in the northeast of the country.
The main farmhouse is equipped with an authentic mill that continues to press the olives in the traditional way using granite millstones and mat pressing. The olives are cold-pressed, allowing the extracted oil to come out naturally without the use of hot water or any chemical additives.
The whole process, from harvesting to bottling, takes place in 24 hours in the same place. This operation contributes to maintain a good traceability system. All these conditions allow us to produce a high-quality olive oil with an exceptional taste. 


Fermes ALi Sfar has created its own brand Tesoro del Rio.
Tesoro del Rio oil comes from olive groves immersed in the Mediterranean basin, an area known for its mild temperature and fertile soil. It is a brand dedicated to providing its customers with organic extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.
It comes in two distinct ranges: Excellence & Plaisir to satisfy the unique needs of its customers around the globe.
The Excellence range comes into 3 sizes: 250ml / 500ml / 750ml.
It is the highest quality of organic extra virgin olive oil that is made of olives called Chetoui, a type of olives cultivated in the highlands of the country known for its robustness, nutritional benefits, fruity taste and high content in polyphenols.
This range is presented in a nice package that makes a beautiful and unique gift for all occasions.
The Plaisir range comes into 4 sizes: 250ml / 500ml / 750ml / 1L.
It is a high quality organic extra virgin olive oil made of « Chemlali » type originating from the center and the south of the country. This variety is rustic, mild, resistant to drought and salinity. It is recognized for its diversity and stability.
This range is simple and adapted more for daily usage. The bottle is jacketed in plain burlap that gives it a pleasant, rustic feel representing our commitment to natural, organic farming.

The olive tree has been part of our culture for millennia.