The Governor



«For over 100 years, the Dafnis Family, produces olive oil on the island of Corfu. carefully tending the centenarian “lianolia” variety. The olive oil is processed with low temperatures at the family’s mill based in the historical village of Aghios Mathaios, using the gentlest methods.

Inspired by a strong character, the first governor of independent Greece, Count Ioannis Capodistrias (1776 - 1831)​

«The youngest generation of the family, Spyros & George created their own Oleoculture and tradition by starting a revolution on the island’s olive oil production practices. This is how the governor was born, the first single variety from ancient “lianolia” of Corfu.

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A rare extra virgin olive oil with a character, from Corfu Island. Produced drop by drop with painstaking care, this first batch of the limited edition, early harvest fresh olive juice is full of concentrated benefits.