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The sacred Monastery Panagia Akrotiriani and St. Ioannis Theologos Toplou Sitia, is situated in the north-east of Crete and is one of the oldest and most historic Monasteries in Crete through the centuries. It was built in the 14th century in the east of Sitia, towards the palm-tree forest of Vai and it is the biggest castle Monastery in the east Crete.

The Monastery was at the top of its glory in the middle of the 14th and 15th century, which is shown by the very important icons of that period. These icons represent the development of Byzantine hagiography which influenced Crete gradually after the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks. The great artistic value of these images suggests the high level of education of the monks of that period who helped to upgrade the cultural level of Crete during the Renaissance period.



One of the leader varieties of olives known as “Koroneiki” has been cultivated with care and ardent yearning by our ancestors for many generations, a heritage continued by the Toplou Monastery, a pioneer of organic farming, combined with faith in tradition and the devotion of the local producers rendering the Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO Sitia we produce as unique.

It is characterized by its golden green colour, its perfectly balanced bittersweet taste and its pleasant long aftertaste.

In a dominating olive cultivation area of 40 hectares belonging to the Toplou Monastery our olive groves are to be found, comprised of 6000 irrigated olive trees in a perfect microclimate.

All rules and principles of organic farming are followed as well as environmentally friendly olive grove management practices, thus evolving a man-nature cooperation daily, giving gourmet tastes and special organoleptic characteristics to our organic olive oil always aiming and reaching the highest quality.

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