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How the flavor of our Organic Evo Oil is born.

Do you know when the strong, intoxicating and full of life flavor of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil remains in your mouth , and if you close your eyes you seem to hear the rustle of the wind among the leaves of our olive grove?

Here, that flavor is thanks to our oil mill: ours and ours alone, to create an unforgettable organic extra virgin olive oil . Because quality gives birth to truly unique and genuinely organic flavors, aromas and sensations.

Organic Torrerivera Evo Oil: from the earth to the mill

Everything is closed in a perfect circle, similar to the shape of a single precious drop of our organic extra virgin olive oil : the territory, the olive groves, the mill, the oil .
It is a story born in Torrerivera , when we chose to control every moment of the transformation of our olives into extra virgin olive oil , from harvesting to processing: only in this way can we keep intact aromas, flavors, nutritional qualities and organoleptic excellence, following the birth step by step. of bio oil .
So we have chosen to build our oil mill by adding the most modern technology to the natural flavor of a great oil tradition that makes it reach your table alive and sincere.

We work your organic extra virgin olive oil with a modern heart.

We harvest the olives in season, respecting the ripening times of the different varieties, and we bring them to the mill as quickly as possible, to preserve all their organoleptic qualities.
To give life to our organic extra virgin olive oil , for the different monocultivars or for the fragrant blend, the olives are pressed shortly after harvesting, thus avoiding the natural oxidation and deterioration processes of the freshly harvested olives.

Speed ​​is the secret of our Organic Evo Oil

It's fantastic: it takes months of work to get the olives we want to use to give you an extraordinary organic oil , months of patience, waiting and work and

then everything accelerates, and the whole process, from pressing to extraction, takes place over ten minutes at a controlled temperature with extraction and cold, without the use of added water and in a vacuum system.

Of course there are excellent reasons to speed up the process that transforms the olives we collect into an extraordinary Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil : less time in contact with the vegetation water and with the air give life to an oil that preserves all the extraordinary heritage of aromatic and nutritional substances that reveal all the nuances and scents of our land at the first taste.

After extraction, we keep the Torrerivera organic extra virgin olive oil in stainless steel tanks, storing them in rooms at a constant temperature of about 16 °.

Now you can cut a slice of our bread and savor the reason why our organic extra virgin olive oil is made with so much love.


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