Umbria Above

Ripalta, 100% Italian DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ripalta, our highest quality 100% Umbrian DOP extra virgin olive oil. While several Italian regions produce olive oil, Umbria produces one of the very highest quality oils. Our olives come from Umbrian hills owned by a storied, aristocratic family for many centuries. The name of the oil, “Ripalta”, takes its name from the castle of our family, the Marchesi Misciattelli Bernardini. This is a land full of Etruscan tombs, Roman ruins, fertile soil for vineyards and olive groves in a staggeringly gorgeous countryside. We are deep in the Umbrian countryside and use no pesticides. Every olive grows in the sun and wind and rain on these beautiful and historic hills. Our olive varieties include frantoio, leccino, and moraiolo. We press them almost immediately after they are harvested from the trees, which is critical for a pure and salubrious product. Ripalta has a small, boutique production grown at a high elevation compared to most producers. Our output per tree is smaller but the quality much higher. Ripalta is in limited production.

Umbria Above

An ancient aristocratic family, we have been in Umbria for many centuries and are delighted to share with our guests our corner of Italy and the authentic experiences we offer. As dual American and Italian citizens, we understand well the expectations of our clients, and we strive to make every guest’s stay a dream. Our deep relationships here in Umbria allow us to offer the best of the best, in cuisine and wine, art and culture, and also many physically active experiences, if so desired. Our ancient family history here in Italy allows us to open doors to homes and palazzos so often closed to tourists. We show our clients the real Italy, we help them avoid the tourist pitfalls. Amazing local trattorias where we ourselves have dinners and lunches, excursions into the panoramic countryside, and secret spots for shopping or a gelato.

Umbria, the heart of Italy

Umbria is unspoiled, a small miracle due to its central location on the road between Florence and Rome. We are delighted to live in this beautiful corner of Umbria and we love sharing it with our guests. These lands have been designated a Unesco Biosphere due to the richness of its nature and wildlife. A million year old sea was here, giving our visitors the joy of finding ancient sea fossils here in our landlocked region. The richness of the soil creates a unique opportunity for excellent wine and olive oil. The cuisine is delicious and down to earth, elegant without trying.


Here you relax in your luxury three bedroom townhouse in the very core of the ancient fortress hilltown of Ficulle. Stunning views of the countryside from every floor. With Roman, Etruscan, and medieval origins, Ficulle is 30 minutes from Orvieto.


A noble city perched almost impossibly on Sienna colored cliffs, Orvieto’s history ranges from pre-Etruscan to Renaissance. The Duomo with its colorful mosaic facade and dramatic San Brizio Chapel was studied by Michelangelo as he was preparing for the Sistine Chapel. The narrow streets teem with shops and restaurants.

Our Lands

Our family has lived and worked these lands for as long as documents exist. To this day we make our own wine, grain, and DOP level extra virgin olive oil. Millions of years ago our hills and fields were under an ancient sea, today you can still find seashells!

Our Ripalta olive oil

Ripalta, our 100% Umbrian DOP extra virgin olive oil, made without pesticides. Umbria produces one of the very highest quality oils of the Italian regions. Our olives come from the hills of a storied, aristocratic family, named after their castle. The olives are from a staggeringly gorgeous countryside.

A Magical Stay in Umbria

An Italian vacation spent among panoramic views, excellent local wines, gourmet Italian cuisine. Walks and bike rides in the countryside, cultural and artistic experiences in the rich history of this area.