Three generations

 It all started thanks to our grandfather Manuel, who grew up dodging streams. His hands seemed made more of earth and stone than of bone and skin.The cobblestones behind his house were a path that could take him on endless adventures after passing the third olive tree trunk on the left.

 Not even years later, when that log on the road aged with time, did he allow himself to stop dreaming. Grandma Asunción brought us bread with olive oil and cola, while she reprimanded him for telling that story again, when she whispered to us that the countryside was giving her back all the care that he had provided her during all those years, that she was cradled under her favorite olive tree and could hear the rustle of the branches moving the same way she did when she didn't even reach the bottom.

 And he traced the dreams in the air and we picked the fruit from her living room rug. And we decided that we wanted to give shape to everything that had made him so happy, to give him back some of the happiness he had given us. That afternoon, in their living room, the Ruiz family decided to embark on the path of making our highest quality extra virgin olive oils.

Discover our premium extra virgin olive oils

We have two of the best extra virgin olive oils, born from our lands in Jaén. Uvé Cardelina, early harvest  at the beginning of October and Uvé Chloris, mature harvest at the end of November. Both are extracted cold by mechanical processes during dawn, with the aim of not threatening the native species of the area.

Uvé Cardelina

Made with early olives, harvested when they are still green, and where the essence of picual shines with greater freshness and much more intense aromas.

Uvé Chloris

Extra virgin olive oil is when the olive is fully ripe, and where all the fragrances hidden by the Picual variety become visible.

Between forest, Mediterranean scrub, pine forests and riverbanks.
It is located in Villanueva de la Reina, a municipality located at the foothills of the Sierra Morena natural park. The El Soldado farm is the cradle where our EVOO is born among the forty-six hectares of ancient olive trees, cross country, where our trees extend the length and breadth of the slope of the Sierra and grow with strength from the seed.

Its branches welcome the goldfinch and greenfinch as a native species of the area, where, being at home, it is at dawn, when the sun's rays shine through the olive branches that shelter these species, that their singing can be heard, accompanying our farmers in their endeavor to collect the olives that give us the exclusive delicacy that we want to share with you.

It is thanks to them, who work the land with their hands, that we offer such an authentic and real product, taken from nature itself. We owe them the rest periods, where, sheltered by the trunks of our olive trees, we share water and laughter that end up being the secret ingredient that could never be bottled.

Time, experience, expertise

The harvest, the crucial and most beautiful moment

The crucial and most beautiful moment is when, after so much care and attention to our olive trees, the art of harvesting begins in the month of October, when the fruit ripens and is ready to be picked by our farmers, harvesting the fruit traditionally by means of a rod and a vareadora machine, throwing the fruit to the ground where the bales are located. It is here when the olives are piled up, moving them to the trailer responsible for transporting them to the mill.

One of the most important aspects when it comes to obtaining a good olive juice is the dead times through which the olives have to pass from the moment they are harvested until they enter the mill, which have to be as short as possible.