Venta del Barón


 The fruits from which our oil is obtained are collected in the green phase, with the slight change in color of the olive. It is harvested using a technique reserved especially for "oleum ex-albis ulivis". After this phase, the selection process takes place, in which the loose leaves are removed, washed and the quality of the olives is checked. Venta del Barón is ground cold, reducing the extraction time. Only the most intense batches are selected for their aroma, according to the strict regulations of the Priego de Córdoba Denomination of Origin. This milling occurs in less than 15 hours after collection to preserve all its aromas. Almazara de Muela has a unique and exclusive system that allows the extraction of oil without adding heat or water to the process. In this way it is possible to maintain each and every one of the attributes of the oil. This is complemented by a demanding concern to minimize the oxidative damage suffered by the product. With regard to packaging, the "Venta del Barón" is committed to a model of subtraction and packaging in the same facilities.

 In the heart of Andalusia is the Denomination of Origin Priego de Córdoba , it has a very small extension of crops, barely 30,000 hectares of ancient olive trees, integrated within the Sierras Subbéticas National Park. These special characteristics, together with the unique climate of the area, make it possible to obtain an oil of exceptional quality . Venta de Barón is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil made with the selection of the first olives of the Hojiblanca and Picuda varieties of each campaign, hand-picked and processed in an artisanal way according to the strict regulations of the DO Regulatory Council. Since 1998, Venta del Barón has received more than a hundred awards in 14 different countries, among which the one awarded by the International Olive Council as the best oil in the world and the Ministry of Agriculture as the best Extra Virgin olive oil in the world stand out. 

"Venta del Barón" is very complex, balanced and harmonious in all its olfactory-taste attributes. It is the best flavoring for breakfast, appetizers, salads and any dish, preferably cold, to give it a unique flavor. In addition, it is used by chefs as important as Martín Berasategui, with 7 Michelin stars in Spain; "Le Manoir aux quat'saisons", a restaurant run by Raymond Blanc in Oxford, hotels as important as the Waldorf Astoria or restaurants like Alain Ducasse, both located in New York City.


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