We passionately cultivate the centuries-old olive grove that rises on the ancient Via Appia Traiana , in the countryside of Terlizzi in the province of Bari.

The Via Traiana was traveled by illustrious personalities such as Virgil, Maecenas and Horace, during a diplomatic journey from Rome to Brindisi, and by hundreds of Crusaders headed to the Holy Land. Centuries later, that road is still a crossroads of people, traveled by foreign pilgrims engaged in their journey of faith.

Along that same street stands the olive grove cared for by the Pileri family, with respect and passion for tradition, since 1980.

With our meticulous daily care of our olive grove, we carry on and put into practice the boundless knowledge of the lawyer Ottavio Pileri, a passionate lover of the cultivation of olive trees, to make our oil extraordinary.

Our productions

In our olive grove we still practice the manual harvest of olives, according to ancient traditions.

We only collect the olives that are perfectly ripe, so as not to damage the fruit and further guarantee the quality of the Pileri oil. Within twelve hours of harvesting, the olives are macerated to begin the production of our oil.

The extra virgin olive oil of Oliveti Pileri is produced according to the cold pressing technique to leave unaltered all the organoleptic characteristics and the healthy properties of the Cultivar coratina and Ogliarola Bari olive , also known as "Paesana" or "Cima di Bitonto. ".

This precious material becomes the lifeblood that characterizes all the agricultural production of the Pileri olive groves.