Gold Award - Vernèra Le Case Di Lavinia

At Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Early Harvest Edition 2024

Premium Olive Oil

Explore the Tradition and Quality of Italian Premium Olive Oil

Italy, with its picturesque landscapes and rich olive orchards, is deeply rooted in the culture of olive oil. Our Premium olive oil is the product of this profound tradition, inherited from generations of dedicated olive growers who benefit from Italy's ideal Mediterranean climate and fertile soils.

In 2024, this Olive oil was subjected to the scrutiny of the world's most prestigious juries, earning it a score between 80 and 89 out of 100. This score illustrates its excellence and has earned it a gold medal, officially recognizing it as Premium Olive Oil. This distinction highlights its superior quality, making it a favored choice for olive oil enthusiasts.

At Best Olive Oils Store, we are proud to offer this Premium olive oil, soon to be available in the most beautiful capitals of the world. You will find it in our exclusive boutiques as well as on our website. Each purchase is an invitation to explore Italy's excellence and to enhance your culinary experiences with high-quality olive oil.

To learn more about this exceptional olive oil and to discover how it can transform your meals, continue your visit on This page and dive into a world of authentic and refined flavors.

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Our extra-virgin olive oils have won several prestigious national and international prizes. Here are some of the most recent:


– Gold Award in Dubai Olive Oil Competition

– Special Mention Impresa Donna

– Amphora Olearia Special Prize at the Ercole Olivario 2021 Competition

– Gold Medal at the New York International Olive Oil Competition

– Extra gold Medal at Biol 2021

– Slow Oil in the Slow Food Guide 2021 for Le Case di Lavinia

– Best in Class in the DOP category at the Japan Olive Oil Contest

– Golden Lion: Selection for Le Case di Lavinia

– Biolnovello 2020: Best EVO Oil of the new season 2020, extra gold Medal for Le case di Lavinia

Vico Rosella N.1 IGP SICILIA / Limited Edition


Bottle awarded as Best Message, at the Competition Le Forme dell'Olio at OOF Milan.

Vico Rosella n.1 IGP SICILIA has always been our home. It is, therefore, our memory, tradition, origin, family. We wanted to give this name to our oil, to our blend of indigenous cultivars of the Monti Iblei. A mixture of varieties as did our grandparents. It is a Vernèra project, handcrafted by Cerruto Ceramica in Modica, to convey a message of Peace and Love: Make Oil, not War, Peace & Oil!

Lands of Vito


Le Terre di Vito is our first organic olive oil. We started producing it thinking of people who love to have healthy and organic products of high quality on their table. But, first of all, it is dedicated to our father, to his great love for olive trees, to his passion for the land. So, here is Le Terre di Vito: from his land, his oil.

Vico Rosella N.1


Vico Rosella n.1 IGP SICILIA has always been our home. It is, therefore, our memory, tradition, origin, family. We wanted to give this name to our conventional oil, to our blend of indigenous cultivars of the Monti Iblei. A mixture of varieties as did our grandparents.

 It is perfect for children’s diet because it makes the absorption of substances essential for growth easier, since its components are, in part, similar to those of breast milk. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins which help to prevent cellular aging. It preserves food and gives them fragrance and flavour. It is suggested both in cooking and frying since it resists to high temperatures and while heated, it suffers less alterations, compared to other vegetal oils.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a liquid, vegetal and natural fat. It has 9 calories per gram. It doesn’t contain any cholesterol and it is mainly formed by monounsaturated oleic acid and by a perfect amount of polyunsaturated linoleic and linolenic acids. Nutritional Science recognizes to extra virgin olive oil the most balanced composition between fatty acids and suggests it as the most suitable fat for nutrition and dietary purposes.

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Our story

Once upon a time, in a Sicilian village called Buccheri, our ancestor Vito Spanò bought a tiny piece of land called “Riunta” as a present for his 9 children. It was the end of the 19th century and... the beginning of our Story. Lavinia was our mother’s name and Vito was our father.

The land.
 It’s origins.
Our home.

For four generations we have produced olive oil. With love we answer the call the olive trees ask of us.

During cold winter mornings, hand picking the olives, one feels the unexpected presence of generations before us working silently by our side. The fragrances of the land and the passing of time while paying attention to the voices of those in the past, to whom this land belonged to. Reminiscing, about the tiny figure of our ancestor Ciccio returning to his village with his old donkey, walking by his side, home to his wife Vincenza and to refurbish his supplies. Listening to our grandfather Gaetano’s stories, of immigrating to Philadelphia and returning home. Buying “Vernera” was the outcome of the money earned building roads In America. To taste the black olives our grandmother Grazia would roast in the ash and we would eat with warm bread. To listen to the laughter, of the tales and the family anecdotes told to us by Aunt Giovanna and Uncle Pippo while, traveling in their Fiat 600, taking us to the countryside, for long walks amongst the trees. To see our mother’s fascinated face once more, when, at “The Tallarita”, the highest peak of the property oversaw the immense valley below her. With her children years before, and with her faithful dog Nick beside her, spent many hours searching for chicory, wild fennel and borragine, in Vernera’s fields. And then our father Vito, captivated by the olive groves, would inspect each and every tree like a good physician that he was. At the kitchen table, after dinner, he hand selected the problem olives to search for a resolution. He passed on his love and respect for the land to us. Now, the fifth generation is ready: Giuseppe, Vito 1 and Vito 2 will be our future.

Producing olive oil means not breaking tradition. No end to a story. Just a beginning. Now, the fifth generation is ready: Giuseppe, Vito 1 and Vito 2 will be our future. So, if we wanna talk about oil, let's start from that. Cause all the rest, really, is a consequence.

Where we are?

We are situated on the Iblei Mountains, in Buccheri, on Monte Lauro, an ancient Vulcan. Our lands are in the magical archaeological site of St. Andrew, between a necropolis and a Templars’ Gothic Church, where, for thousands of years, olive trees reign uncontested, finding both fertile soil and ideal climate for their holy fruits. Our century-old organic olive groves are located on hills, on 70 hectares grounds and in several lands: Vernèra, Sant’Andrea, Tallarita, Zocco, Mazzarino, Mascarone, Maddalena, Frassino, Travana. They produce Tonda Iblea olives, our typical cultivar.

How we work?

for 5 generations, we pick olives in the first day of October and we continue throughout November. We pick olives only by hand and we press them that same day after two hours in an olive oil mill which works on 2 phases continuous process, cold pressing and with very short pressing times, in order to obtain only first pressure organic extra-virgin olive oil. The oil is then put in steel containers, saturated with nitrogen and put in a controlled temperature room in order to maintain unchanged the chemical, organoleptic and sensory characteristics of the oils.