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The Story Of A Name

FROM FATHER TO SON,From the olive tree in our groves to the bottle on your table.

Our Story goes from father to son! It was back in the early 1960s that Boulos Maroun revolutionized olive oil production in Lebanon by institutionalizing the bottling process and taking it to another level.
An entrepreneur and innovator by nature, Boulos Maroun started packing olive oil in bottles and gallons, instead of the usual tins, to market it more efficiently to Lebanese households.
 As the business grew, Boulos Maroun began manufacturing a superior Lebanese olive oil towards 1964, which would later become Zeit Boulos. What started as a revolutionary idea quickly became a family passion which was passed on from Boulos to his son, Tony.
Thanks to the valuable experience of his father, Tony Maroun successfully expanded Zeit Boulos and turned it into Lebanon’s leading producer of olive oil.
Zeit Boulos was awarded, on many occasions, the “Best National Extra Virgin Olive Oil” award, and was voted for several consecutive years, as Lebanon’s “Product of the Year”.
 It is widely regarded as a national treasure and as an ambassador of Lebanese cuisine and is a leading brand in the local market according to a number of market studies done in the last decade. Zeit Boulos is part of ATYAB company, which owns a selection of local brands. The company’s strong and long experience permits it to control the entire manufacturing cycle of olive oil, from the olive tree in its groves to the bottle on the consumer’s table.
 ATYAB currently produces a wide range of quality products from its modern factory in the city of Jounieh, north of Beirut, including: a wide variety of vinegars; pomegranate molasses; olives; pickles of many sorts; zaatar (thyme); sumac; and natural olive oil soaps.
 The new plant was designed as per the highest international standards to offer the ideal conditions for the production of premium products. It is equipped with the most sophisticated bottling and packaging machines, which allow the company to maintain the high quality of its products intended for local and international markets.
  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is at the core of what Zeit Boulos does. Indeed, olive oil production naturally entails providing support, in different ways, to the local community. This is done by creating job opportunities, partnering with local farmers, and sustaining the environment. With over 50 years of experience in the field, Zeit Boulos has steadily contributed to Economic growth in Lebanon through these three main funnels.
  The company created hundreds of jobs through its lines of business, actively helped some 70 farmers and their families to sustain their lands and villages, while privileging eco-friendly production techniques. Its overall goal being to build a better tomorrow for future generations.
  ATYAB’s rich line of products, with their authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean taste and aroma, are guaranteed by the company till the last drop to satisfy the cravings of every gourmet who appreciates quality food.

From the olive tree in our groves to the bottle on your table.