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Naru Olive Oil

Naru Olive Oil

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Naru is a young, fresh and 100% organic Sicilian olive oil. Naru is the passionate product delivered by female leadership with respect for our plants and soil. In promotion of our sustainable resources, we are also proudly engaging local and marginalized communities in our harvesting work process. Naru is produced in the baroque town of Naro, province of Agrigento, Sicily, at about 600 meters above sea level. It is produced from our own trees, using 2 autochthonous typologies of Sicilian olives: Biancolilla e Nocellara del Belice. The harvesting is done by hand and by electric harvests. It uses a pressing method to respect the fruit and to ensure the quality of the final product. A female-led company that takes care of its olive trees all year round in a completely natural way. We pay close attention to all details: in the farming, in the production, in customer relations and in the brand image. We want to build a new meaning, a new way imaginary around Olive Oil. As a farm we carefully follow many steps in all the value chain. The distribution and the conservation of the product are key for us. Naru Olive Oil Farm's philosophy is to provide our customers with a genuine product all year round, and it is for this reason that our extra virgin olive oil is stored in silos. This storage method allows it to last a long while keeping its chemical and organoleptic characteristics unchanged, defending the oil from its main enemies: high temperatures, light and oxygen. We want to ensure an extra virgin olive oil of high quality that's in full respect of the entire agricultural ecosystem; while exploiting fertility of the soil and nourishing environmental biodiversity. Our philosophy of respect also and above all prioritizes the inclusion of young people who live in communities in economic difficulty. We support them by introducing them into the world of work and by promoting the learning of an ancient craft filled with tradition. Naru has been included in the Gambero Rosso Guide - best italian olive oils with one of the highest score for both quality and Company. Naru Farm is a guest lecturer for the Master in Food and Communication of the IULM University of Milan in partnership with Gambero Rosso as an example of a female organic farm in Italy.

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