Aceites Navarro Garcia


Intense green 

Early harvest and cold pressed 

Olives harvested at the optimum harvest time, because that is when its juice offers the maximum complexity of aromas and flavor. 

Cold pressing guarantees that all its properties remain intact, ensuring an oil of the highest quality.


Lisbon 2022

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Lisbon 2021

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
early harvest

A family tradition since 1950

Aceites Navarro García SL is dedicated to the production and packaging of high quality olive oil from a selection of multivarietal olives grown in our region.

We differentiate our products into AOV, EVOO and Green EVOO of limited production.

The latter, the Green EVOO, is our star product since it is an early harvest oil : approximately from the end of October to mid-November, when the fruit is in veraison (that is, it has not yet reached its complete maturity). It is at this time, it is when it has the best organoleptic qualities; and from the nutritional point of view , the greatest benefits for health.
This type of olive comes from theAceites Navarro García SL family farm , and an integrated production crop.
From its harvest to its packaging, it is meticulously treated and ground within 24 hours of arrival at the mill to ensure that its properties remain intact and its extraction is cold.
After extracting it, it is decanted through a natural process for subsequent packaging. All this meticulous process gives rise to an extraordinary EVOO with sensory and nutritional characteristics that set it apart. It stands out for its intense green color and its fruity aroma and in the mouth a very balanced sensation of spiciness and bitterness that makes it special.

Once upon a time..

Our family oil mill Aceites Navarro García SL was founded in 1950 in Restábal, a beautiful town in the Lecrín Valley. There they began to make an oil by means of presses, in which small farmers in the area were both suppliers and clients.

In the Lecrín Valley area we have centuries-old olive trees from Roman times. We have a native variety such as the lechín olive, as well as picual, gordal and hojiblanca.

In 1985, with expectations of expanding the business, that small mill was closed and we moved to Nigüelas , where we are currently located.

This new mill has the most modern machinery that exists today in the sector. We have 3 complete and independent production lines with the capacity to produce 500 tons/day. In addition, since October 2020 we have a certified organic production line. And since 2015 we have our own packaging line.

Get to know our Oil Mill

We started our activity in 1950 as a small mill in the Valle de Lecrín region. To this day and two generations later, we lovingly produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil characterized by its high quality.

Aceites Navarro García, SL has received aid from the European Union and the Junta de Andalucía in collaboration with the Valle de Lecrín-Temple-Costa Rural Development Group under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development for the "project to improve Mill, improvement of equipment and expansion of capacity in the winery”, whose objectives are the expansion of improvements in the agricultural and/or agri-food sector, for new marketing channels and new outlets on the market. Promote local development in rural areas (LEADER).