Aceites Sanchez Torralba

Extracted from the fruit of the olive during the months of October and November. Our oil, the pride of our family business, comes from the province of Jaén, specifically from the town of Navas de San Juan, from centuries-old trees and artisanal production, resulting in this EVOO with excellent properties.

natural purity

Coming from a region located in the bowels of the province of Jaén, a hundred-year-old farm emerges to give meaning, health and flavor to our lives.

Liquid gold

Aware that we work with one of the best products on the market, we make our EVOO available, with excellent qualities and pride in our region.

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Family business


Oils Sánchez Torralba, a family business, that generation after generation, with work, sacrifice and vision, has led to excellence the Jienense EVOO.


Season after season, our oil consists of limited units, we provide various products of the highest quality but with different harvest times.


ACEITES SANCHEZ TORRALBA, we are a family company enthusiastically dedicated to the production of high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with its own, centenary olive trees, in the municipalities of Navas de San Juan, Castellar and Sabiote, all in the province.
 from Jaen. It is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which due to the way it is collected, milled and decanted, produces a pure olive juice, since it is collected during the full moon in October.  
For this reason, we obtain an oil of quality,  tradition and modernity, preserving its most exceptional feature  and its highest final quality. For the production of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the best olive trees from our farms have been chosen and processed only by mechanical procedures and in a period of less than twelve hours from the collection of the olives in the field, which makes a particular oil, in terms of taste, flavor and smell.
 From the Sánchez Torralba family, we hope you enjoy the quality of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.