Alpha Pi 

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Single variety extra virgin olive oil from 100% Koronei olives. We monitor the product from the first day of its birth, giving it the necessary care and love! Koroneiki olives are always picked unripe, green, and only by hand, from our sparsely planted family olive grove in the prefecture of Ilia. They are immediately crushed at a suitable temperature and the produced olive oil is quickly packaged. From production to bottling, we ensure that the highest standards are maintained to maintain the quality and unique characteristics of the extra virgin olive oil A quality which will give you countless (as many as the digits of p!) moments of enjoyment.

Alpha Pi Absolutely Priceless


Alpha Pi Olive Oil is a Greek family owned business. Our family olive grove is located in the largest and most fertile valley of the Peloponnese, in the municipality of Ilia Peloponnese. The exclusive Koroneiki variety trees, well known for the production of outstanding quality and taste olive oil, are planted gracefully, avoiding closeness to each other. The olive grove is cultivated employing only natural processes with the highest possible standards. The outcome is a limited production of top quality extra virgin olive oil.


Monovarietal extra virgin olive oil made from 100% Koroneiki olives of early harvest and with extra low acidity. The olive fruits are picked only by hand, while still unripe and green, immediately pressed in an environment of perfect conditions and the olive oil rests in protected vats until bottling. From tree to bottle we strive to maintain only the highest of criteria in order to ensure the class, unique characteristics and aromas of our extra virgin olive oil. Acidity for alpha pi Premium is 0.18 at production time while it is also high in polyphenols (578mg/kg) making it a healthy product according to the European regulation 432/2012 of European Food Safety Authority. The alpha pi Organic is addressed to  consumers and customers with a philosophy of preference and consumption of organic products. The peculiarities and high requirements throughout the cultivation and production process of Organic Alpha Pi Olive Oil are reflected in its taste and flavor.