Aove 555


Being born at 555 mASL is already a coincidence, producing such an extraordinary oil is something else.
Teba, the little town that has taken the culture of oil to the top

The earth
Our olive trees grow on high slopes where we pick a compact olive that is the secret of its exceptional flavour.

The character
 Our geographical situation and our history have forged a unique character from which our thousand-year-old oil tradition is born.

555 was a challenge and when we have a challenge, we come up on top.

Our premium extra virgin olive oil is the fruit of years of traditional knowledge fused with the most current production techniques.

We are personally committed to the quality of our oil.

That is why we stand up for it, because it is part of us.

our products

Picual variety

Hojiblanca variety

Arbequina variety

You already know some clues as to why 555 is a truly different oil. If you want to know more or are interested in placing an order, we will gladly assist you.

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