Arbor Sacris



Let yourself be delighted with the authentic liquid gold grown in La Sénia.

Arbor Sacris, millennial EVOO extracted from the local variety, Farga

Production limited to 1000 bottles |World Heritage olive trees protected by FAO

Exquisite, with history, intense and provocative. Arbor Sacris Luxury oil invites you to taste a unique extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), the fruits of which are extracted from the 35 olive threes with more than 1000 years of history that surround Els Carlets State in La Sénia.

Arbor Sacris Luxury is recognized by the Farga Milenaria Guarantee Trademark, regulated by the Taula de la Sénia Commonwealth, which guarantees the origin of the oil from millennial olive trees with more than 3.5 meters of trunk at a height of 1.3 meters from the ground.

With a production limited to 1000 units per year, now you have the possibility of buying a Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Farga variety from olive trees declared GIAHS by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations).

Arbor Senium, centennial EVOO, from the Farga and Morrut local varieties

Flavour and identity of La Sénia in each drop | International recognition | A charity project and eco-friendly packaging

Arbor Senium is born from a territory where the olive tree is cherished, an extra virgin olive oil of gourmet quality extracted from olive trees with more than 100 years of life of the Farga and Morrut varieties.

Solera, a unique flavour and the passion to create an EVOO oil that breaks the mold for its quality results in this delicacy that will captivate those who are looking for oils that leave their mark on their palate.

In addition, the tradition in the cultivation and production of Arbor Senium gourmet olive oil is combined with the innovative bet in its presentation: eco-friendly and reusable packaging, in whose production people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion have collaborated.

Casolí, our day-to-day EVOO, from the Arboçana variety using an innovative packaging system

Its exquisite fruity aroma will conquer you

Originally from the Baix Penedés area, CASOLÍ is an EVOO oil from the Arbosana variety that will seduce your senses. An olive of slight vigor and excellent yield, which is shown as one of the best varieties for super-intensive planting.

Superior category and recommended for daily consumption, Casolí is obtained directly from Arbosana olives by mechanical means, which allows us to achieve a unique and incomparable flavour, simply irresistible.

It has a delicious intense green fruity aroma that lingers on the palate, with slight hints of leaves and vegetables. A complex oil on the palate, with an excellent balance between sweetness, itching and bitterness.

In addition to a pleasure for your senses, it is highly beneficial for your health, with more than 70% oleic acid and a high content of polyphenols and other properties.