The company ASTERIOS has been dealing for years through its own olive groves in the collection of olive oil.

The commitment of years, the love for the production of oil but also the highest quality of the harvest led her to ensure an excellent olive oil. The vision of the company is to offer high quality oil while honoring the traditions and at the same time taking advantage of the many years of experience and know-how of its founders.

Its family character ensures the complete care and attention required to select the purest and most reliable means of oil production.

With the constant goal of satisfying consumers by ensuring an excellent quality olive oil. It did not take long for ASTERIOS to establish itself as a major name in the global olive oil market and to associate its name with quality.


Olive harvest is one of the most critical stages of olive growing. Many years of experience result in the collection and appropriate selection of olives that are at the ideal level of maturity for each individual variety, in order to achieve the extra virgin olive oil. This is followed by the immediate transfer of the olives to the olive mill. On the same day, the process of squeezing for the optimal production of our efficient and quality olive oil begins.


The next stage is the cold pressing of the olive with approved and certified mechanical means, which contribute to the export of excellent and valuable olive oil. Each batch of the crop is counted to accurately determine the level of acidity of the oil so that you always offer the best quality. The olive oil is placed and stored in special tanks under controlled conditions.

Mikroskino is produced from excellent quality olives, which are collected in the semi-mountainous areas of Halkidiki in a traditional way. It stands out for its intense aromas, for its golden-green hue and the low acidity that reaches 0.2.

Kelli is an award-winning extra virgin olive oil from global olive oil competitions. The excellent cultivation and harvest of olives that thrive in the semi-mountainous areas of Halkidiki, give an intense fruity aroma and a wonderful slightly spicy taste ..

Mikrokampos is produced from a local variety of Halkidiki olives. Thanks to the morphology of the soil and the climate of the area, a unique extra virgin olive oil is produced, with an intensely spicy taste and special aroma. Its unique quality and low acidity are the main characteristics that define it.