Gold Award - Baioco

At Dubai Olive Oil Competition
Early Harvest Edition 2024

Ultra Premium Olive Oil

Explore the Distinctive Heritage of Croatian Olive Oil

Croatia, with its stunning Adriatic coast and ancient olive-growing traditions, is celebrated for its exquisite olive oils. These premium oils embody the essence of a landscape where olive cultivation has been honed over millennia, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.

In 2024, this Croatian olive oil was evaluated by a panel of the world’s foremost experts, achieving an exceptional rating. With scores ranging from 90 to 100 out of a possible 100, it proudly holds the title of Ultra Premium Olive Oil. This gold medal distinction marks it as one of the world’s finest olive oils.

Such an achievement isn't simply fortuitous but the fruit of relentless dedication to excellence and scrupulous care in every aspect, from selecting the finest olives to the art of pressing them. It is a pursuit driven by passion, patience, and precision.

Thanks to Best Olive Oils Store, this exceptional olive oil will soon be available in the most beautiful capitals of the world. You will find it in our stores and on our website. We invite you to continue your visit on this page to discover all the necessary information and fully enjoy the excellence of this olive oil.

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Olive Farming Tradition Since 1918

The scent of our beautiful region and the taste of gently treated fruits can be felt in our olive oil. The flavor of our olive oil is brought to life by long-term care of the trees and fruit handling, careful harvesting, controlled processing methods, knowledge, experience, and love.


Our Istrian Olive Groves

Our olive groves are located near the sea, at an altitude that is ideal for such plantations.

The groves are surrounded by marjoram, thyme, various aromatic plants, and hawthorn (biancospino) with fragrant, airy white flowers, so our fruits take on the aromas of Mediterranean herbs. The scent of our beautiful region and the taste of gently treated fruits can be felt in our olive oil.


Baioco Oil Tasting Room

Join us for an olive oil tasting workshop at our organic mill where you will discover the secrets of why Istria is a recognized olive-growing region in the world and why the most prestigious awards come to our mill. With our expert in olive oil tasting and sensory analysis, get acquainted with all the intriguing flavors and aromas of Istrian olive oil.