Best Olive Oils Morocco

Olive trees have been grown in Morocco for centuries.

Throughout the years, olive oil has been an integral part of the cuisine, culture, diet and habits of Moroccans.

The love for growing olive trees and producing high quality olive oils have been inherited from one generation to the next.

Today, Morocco is considered among the major countries in the world to produce olive oil.

Olive oil is essential and omnipresent in the Mediterranean and Moroccan cuisine; as it is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.

In Morocco, most major olive oil producers use the Picholine olive.

In fact, compared to other olive oil varieties, the Picholine olives may have a neuro-protective effect against Alzheimer's disease.

Other common cultivars used in Moroccan blends include the Arbequina and the indigenous Dahbia.

Morocco is committed to promote in the international markets a high- quality olive oil that meets the requirements of consumers.

Here are our best award-winning Moroccan olive oils.